Valley Of The Dolls.

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If any of you follow my Tumblr or IG Account, you will probably know by now that one of my favourite stars is Sharon Tate. I love everything about her and she was the inspiration of my look for today.

My favourite Sharon film is the 1960s classic, Valley Of The Dolls and her signature look in that film  was what I was aiming for. The high top bun, nude/brown lips and winged eyeliner were my goals for today. I kept to my normal 1950s style dresses, however, my hair and face was all sixties.

Now, I am very aware I am not a patch on Sharon, but imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and I wanted to show my love for her by using her as my inspiration for today. I’ve only recently started trying this hairdo, as I think I have a pretty big forehead, but the style has grown on me a lot. It’s a quick way to make your hair look a bit different, be warned though, if you’re wearing it in all day, your hair is bound to ache once you take it out.

Here’s the Goddess herself in a publicity still for Valley Of The Dolls (1967) Sharon is wearing Travilla, (one of my favourite designers) I’m not sure who was the Hair Stylist on the film, but I think Sharon herself did her own makeup.

I also think Sharon had hair pieces in the film, whereas I’m just using my own hair, so obviously I can’t match the perfection, lol. Obviously it’s not one hundred percent accurate as I’m not a professional but it’s the best that I could do.

To create this look I simply took the top section of my hair, backcombed it, not too much, and then took a hair band, tied in it and then pulled it down to give it more volume. Usually if I wasn’t copying Sharon’s hair I’d add a bow or a flower, to give it that 1950s vibe.

As for makeup, I didn’t change much, I used  MAC Hover Lip Pencil as a base and then MAC Velvet Teddy, nudes, peaches and browns were very popular in the 1960s, compared to reds in the 1950s. I elongated the flicks for my winged eyeliner and chose a slightly darker eye shadow but kept most of my makeup the same.

Sharon was amazing at doing her eye makeup, she would often use a dark pencil to line her eye lid, I tried this and failed miserably so I couldn’t copy that trick, lol.

The book I am holding is the amazing, Sharon Tate: Recollection by Debra Tate (Sharon’s sister) it is a photographic tribute to her life and a must have for any fans. It has many quotes by her famous friends, a Foreword written by her husband Roman Polanski and so many lovely anecdotes.

I hope you enjoyed my latest post, maybe you could also try to copy this style? Are there any other stars hairstyles/makeup you’d like me to try? Let me know!

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