Pastel, Pink and Purple.

Hi guys!

So today was such a lovely spring day that I decided to wear one of my dresses from River Island that I got last year. I was pretty indecisive about this dress when I first saw it, mostly because the colours together seemed a bit unusual to me and not something I’d tried before. However, when I put it on I decided to go for it, it’s very feminine and something I wanted to add to my wardrobe. I’d only worn it one time before and I thought the pastel colours would go well with the sunshine and my 1940s/1950s style. After having my hair straight for about a week, I decided to change it up and do one of my favourite styles – pin curls! It’s key to my Old Hollywood inspired look and if the weathers good, can last for quite a while. I tend to leave it nice and tight the first day and then the next couple of days brush it out and recurl it around my fingers.

As it’s still quite cool, I decide to wear a purple cardigan with my dress, I thought it would add to the 1950s style and keep me warm at the same time. I really love this cardigan but I find it hard to match with a lot of my clothes, so as soon as I knew I was wearing this I took the opportunity to wear it. I also wore my trench coat, I adore this style, it’s ultra Old Hollywood, comfy and fitting. I have another one in navy blue.

Here are some close ups of my hair, makeup and dress. I added flower clips to my hair as they look so lovely in the summer weather and once again, are great for a 1950s pin up girl vibe. I then chose to wear my Rimmel Lipstick in Tantrum, a strong deep red to complete the vintage look, it stays on all day. However, just to give it an extra hold I wore  Revlon Colour Stay Lip Liner in a deep red.

As you can see, when I first take my curls out the top curls are a bit crazy and I have to comb them out slightly and tease them up to create that 1940s/1950s wave. It’s probably the most important part of the signature pin curl look as without that, it doesn’t look all that good lol. Although hairspray is a great idea, I don’t like the feel or the smell so I make the unusual decision of not using it. Obviously, if the weathers bad my hair will often drop, but I just turn it into a 1940s Veronica Lake style and make the best of the situation. However, if I have time I will pin curl the hair again and leave it in for the curls to reform.

This is what my hair looks like before I take the pin curls out. After I’ve washed my hair I let it try naturally and then after a few hours begin rolling sections of my hair up and clip it in with a bobby pin. I then sleep in them overnight for long lasting effect, it’s not the most comfortable style but it’s a lot better than rollers. I also tease the front sections of my hair slightly, so the wave is easier to form in the morning.

Here’s some close ups of my lovely flowers, I chose ones that would compliment my dress, I do like to match! I buy the majority of mine from Accessorize, you should check them out!

I hope you enjoyed my new post, I try to bring the vintage era with a modern twist and embrace my style, hopefully this will inspire you to do the same!

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