Lana Del Rey Honeymoon Box Set.

Although most of the things I adore are related to Old Hollywood, one of my favourite loves from the modern day has to be, Lana Del Rey! I fell in love with her when she released Video Games in 2011 and became a worldwide sensation and I’ve followed her career ever since. For some reason, I don’t listen to much current music any more that is except for Lana, I’ve loved every one of her albums since Born To Die (2012) and now with her latest release, Honeymoon (2015) I can say I love her just as much, or even more!

Therefore, after missing out on the Box Sets for both Born To Die: The Paradise Edition (2012) and Ultraviolence (2014), I was determined to buy this one! Although I had to wait for over a month for it to arrive, due to design issues, it was definitely worth the wait! It is a must have for all Lana fans and a pretty good price for only £35.99! Here’s what you get in the special edition bundle:

  • Honeymoon Artwork Box
  • Hardbound Photo Book
  • 10 Exclusive Lithograph Prints
  • Honeymoon CD
  • Honeymoon Digital Copy

If I had to choose my favourite item from the box set, it would have to be the lithograph prints, I’ve not seen anything like them before! Plus, they are the perfect size and I think the Honeymoon Photos are without doubt my favourite of Lana. I love how she captures the Golden Age Of Hollywood, she oozes classic glamour and allure! There’s definitely no one in the music industry like Lana, she’s truly one of a kind.

Top 4 Favourite Songs From Honeymoon:

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