Makeup Revolution London Blush Palette in Blush Goddess.

Is it just me who thinks Superdrug are truly outdoing themselves lately with Super High Quality Affordable Makeup Brands? I think not!  One of my latest discoveries is to the amazing Makeup Revolution and in this post I will be reviewing their Blush Goddess Palette – which was my first introduction to Highlighter!

Not only are their products quality and long lasting, but they are incredibly affordable – what could be better?! Therefore, as soon as I saw and tried out this wonderful Blush Palette in, “Blush Goddess” I knew that I simply had to purchase one for myself. At just £6, yes you read that correctly, you get eight blushes; four of them are matte shades and the other four are shimmer shades. Each blush is highly pigmented and perfect if you love a rosy pink glow for the Spring and Summer Seasons, or all year round if you’re like myself and stay away from the bronzing.

I’ve been using this for a good few months now and the palette is showing virtually no signs of wear, so I won’t be needing to buy another anytime soon. Plus, I rarely find a palette in which I like all of the shades and use them regularly, but, this is the first one which breaks the mold! I think this is because most of the shades are fairly similar, therefore if you mostly wear pink and peachy shades – this is the palette for you. However, fear not! Makeup Revolution have a wide variety of products available, with at least six other palettes on offer, I love that they cater for everyone’s preferences! Who doesn’t love a variety?!

For fellow makeup lovers like myself who like to glow and sparkle, not only is this product a blusher, but the four shimmer shades are basically alternatives to highlighter! Therefore, I usually use a matte shade first, preferably the third pink on the bottom line and after applying I go to the top line and add a shimmer overlay – most often the second highlighter. I love how well the colours blend together, they create such a wonderful glow, so much so that a little goes a long way and if you’re looking for the less is more approach, one swipe will definitely be enough.

I’m so happy this palette was  my first introduction to highlighter as I had four beautiful shades to mix and match with and also four matte blushes all for such an amazing price! The only negative I can really think of and if I’m honest – it’s not really a negative, is that this brand is exclusive to Superdrug, so if you  don’t have one near you then that could be a problem. Also, there is no mirror in the palette, but that’s not really an issue and can’t really be expected for the price. However, thanks to the modern world of technology, you can easily order online!

I’m wearing the third Blusher on the lower section and the first three of the Blush Highlighters on my face. The yellow shade I applied in the corners of my eyes, my cupids bow and below my eyebrow bone and the first two pink shades I applied on my cheeks.

The packaging is simple but very classy and as much as I love pretty packaging, I’d much rather have a quality product any day. Ultimately, they let the makeup do the talking! I can definitely say that I will hope to purchase more Makeup Revolution products in the future and next on my list is definitely their Blush Queen palette, which looks even more vibrant and pink than Blush Goddess!

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Five Perfect Autumn Lipstick Shades.

Paraphrasing the wise words of George R. R. Martin – Autumn Is Coming! Actually, to be pretty frank, it’s well and truly here and apart from the orange leaves and snuggling in front of the fire, what else could be better than choosing the perfect shades of lipstick?

To suit the Season, I find the perfect shades to wear are usually purples, burgundies or anything fairly dark, so after finally being inspired by Laura – I’m going to share with you guys my Top Five shades. However, it’s all about being comfortable and happy with yourself so if the colours aren’t for you then that’s okay, it’s just my personal opinion.

My first lipstick recommendation has to be MAC’s Up The Amp – a purple shade with an amplified finish. I think this colour is perfect for Autumn weather due to it’s vibrant intense purple fitting perfectly with the cool and windy weather. I also believe this shade suits all types of skin tones and is suitable for everyone to try due to it being quite versatile.  On the website the lipstick is described as a, “Lavender Violet“. However, I feel it is more intense than the image shown, the shade is definitely very bold and stands out. At £15.50 this product comes in at the medium to high end price range but as a lot of my lipsticks are from MAC, I can definitely say they are worth the money and are very good quality.

Next up is NYX’s Cherry Skies – to me, this colour is the signature shade for Autumn due to it’s rusty burgundy tone. It is a deep matte red in liquid lipstick formula and is only £6.50, which comes in towards the cheaper price range and it is definitely worth your money. I actually think that NYX’s Liquid Lipsticks are better than some of the high end products out there, they stay on and are lasting! This shade is an absolute show stopper – a statement bold you can’t miss me red and because of this it may be intimidating to some. However, if you’re a red lipstick lover like me, it’s definitely worth branching out and giving it a try! I feel this colour is a perfect compliment to the rusty orange and red leaves of Autumn and has a very 1920s vintage vamp feel.

My third must have shade for Autumn is MAC’s Twig, described on their website as a, “Soft Muted Brownish-Pink” which I think sums the colour up perfectly. Although, I do think once again the lipstick looks slightly lighter than it actually is, it is definitely darker than pictured. The finish for Twig is Satin, which is a glossy texture so it looks quite shiny, however I feel the colour stays and if this bothers you than a lip pencil can always be used to make it last – I use Hover. This shade is not too bold but definitely isn’t a nude lipstick, so if you want a subtle look than this isn’t really for you. Personally, I prefer to go for a bolder colour in the colder season and pink coral shades for the warmer weather.

Number four is Rimmel’s Glam Plum Fulham in 470, which is an intense purple-burgundy shade with a glossy finish. After not wearing this colour for a while I decided to apply it today, so I could review it for this post and at first I was pretty shocked with how bold it was. I was almost unsure if this shade suited me at first because it stood out so much but once I’d finished applying I loved the end result. At £6.49 this lipstick is nearer the cheaper priced products but once again I found the quality to be long lasting even with the glossy texture. The product is described as a “Moisture Renew” lipstick and I can definitely say that after wearing this all day my lips have not felt dry and I’ve not needed to reapply it either.

Last but not least is probably one of the most popular lipsticks around; MAC’s Velvet Teddy. With Kylie Jenner setting the nude trend for lipsticks on fire, this soon became the top selling shade in MAC’s Collection so of course,  I had to find out what the fuss was all about. Velvet Teddy is described as a, “Deep Tone Beige” with a matte finish and I would pretty much agree with that description. The colour looks like the perfect shade for autumn and it’s not too nude, it actually has a proper brownish tint to it and doesn’t drain your face. The only problem is this lipstick is extremely popular so it may take a few trips to MAC before you actually come home with one.

I hope you enjoyed my Five Perfect Autumn Lipstick Shades and they inspire you to update your look and try something new. There are so many amazing colours out there to make your own!

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Kylie Lip Kit Part Two.

A month ago I wrote about my first Kylie Lip Kits; Candy, Posie and Mary Jo and since then I decided to order two more shades, 22 and Koko. Today they have arrived and I am very happy with my latest additions!

I ordered 22 and Koko on the 29th March and fifteen days later they arrived, a couple of days longer than my first order but they are delivered all the way from America so I was happy to wait. However, this time my order was subjected to a customs fee of £12, which has frustrated me a lot as I ordered three Lip Kits last time and didn’t recieve any charge. Of course this is nothing to do with Kylie or her products but it has sadly put me off ordering more.

I must say that although I think the quality of the products are amazing, the shades of the lipsticks can be very misleading. With my previous shades, Posie and Candy, I absolutely adored how they looked on Kylie, however  I was slightly disappointed with the colours on me. I felt Posie was a lot darker and not a vibrant super pink like it is on Kylie and Candy was also significantly different. I guess it all depends on your skin tones, luckily I feel the shades Mary Jo and Koko look a lot closer to the colours they are advertised as. I’ve noticed quite a few people have commented about the shades looking different so I’m not the only one who has noticed this.

I decided to buy Koko and 22 because they were very different to previous Lip Kit shades and I was hoping Koko would be a lot lighter on me – and it was! Koko is described as a pale pinky nude and on my lips I think it ironically looks a lot like the shade I thought Candy was, so I’m happy about that and but it’s lighter than Posie and Candy. 22 is a burnt orange shade and although it’s not as vibrant on me as I would like, it’s definitely the shade it is advertised as.

Any of you who follow @kyliecosmetics on Instagram will know about the upcoming metallic metal shades; King, Reign and Heir. Although I won’t be able to buy any of them at this current moment in time, from the swatches Kylie has shared I’d definitely wear Heir, it’s my favourite shade out of the three for sure and I think it would compliment blondes with pale skin.

Speaking of new shades, Kylie has also brought out three nude glosses; Like, Literally and So Cute.  As I’m not really a lip gloss person I’ve yet to purchase any, although if I was to pick my favourite shade I’d choose So Cute. I’m pretty sure So Cute is the lightest shade so from my experience with the Lip Kits, picking this one won’t look too dark on my lips. The irony is, I absolutely love a bold lip colour, but there’s a fine line between just right and too intense. Although I still love the shades Posie and Candy, it is frustrating seeing them look so perfect on Kylie and a different colour on myself.

First photo is me just wearing the lip liner and the second  photo is me wearing the lipstick over the liner.

Apart from the Lip Kit themselves, the other exciting part of ordering from Kylie is receiving the iconic Kylie Cosmetics Postcard. Sadly, for some reason this time I didn’t find one in my box, I don’t know if this was by accident or because it was my second order. However, there’s a different postcard with Kylie’s Glosses and I think I might even prefer that as it is a photo of Kylie from her Glosses music video. If any of you have tried the other shades or glosses then please let me know what you think, I’d love to hear your opinions!

I must thank Kylie for introducing me to liquid lipsticks, I still can’t get over how amazing they are and I can’t wait to try other brands versions too. It’s also so refreshing to see a celebrity use their own products and be so involved in the process. I’m so excited to see the new shades of Lip Kits Kylie releases and continue to watch her brand grow, she’s doing so well and should be very proud of herself! 

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