Little Black Shoes.

A few weeks ago my mum kindly bought me a new pair of High Heels and for me, getting new shoes is not a common thing. Don’t get me wrong, I love shoes, they can make such a difference to an outfit, I just hate breaking them in! I seem to be prone to getting blisters and sore feet when wearing new shoes, so it’s put me off buying new ones unless it’s absolutely necessary.

However, my Mum is the opposite, she loves buying shoes and I can’t blame her really, she just has a lot more tolerance and wears blister plasters – a must! Being inspired by my Mum, as always, I buy most of my shoes from Clarks and that’s where my new pair are from. Luckily, my mum waited until I had decided which pair I wanted and they ended up being in the sale for half price!

From memory, I’d say I have two pairs of Heels and one pair of Wedges, which I’ve had for around five years. I’m quite happy to wear the same pair once I find a classy design that goes with most outfits. Needless to say ninety percent of the time I go for black heels, you really can’t go wrong with them! The last time I bought a pair of Heels was before I went to Hollywood in August 2012, so it’s been a while!

The great thing about Clarks Shoes is that they do half sizes, so many places don’t and a lot of people, myself included are in the middle between sizes. My feet are pretty small at only a UK four and a half, but that’s okay with me, they’re actually the one body part I’m quite kind to myself about, which makes a change!

Not only are these shoes really aesthetically pleasing, they’re quality made and have padding for the soles of your feet. Sadly, the first time I got to wear my new Heels was on a very hard occasion – my Grandad’s Funeral which was yesterday. I wore the shoes for the majority of the Day Time and I can actually say, they didn’t rub once! I have no sores or blisters on my feet and I kept them on all day.  I apologize for my lack of Nail Varnish, when I was younger I wore Polish on my Finger Nails and Toe Nails for years and it started to turn them yellow! So I just keep them natural now.

The Heels have a very Classic Vintage Vibe, which is exactly what I go for with my Style. The shoe Heel is a good few inches, not too high, but not a Kitten Heel either, however, because the shoe is thick and wide it’s not uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time and you feel supported. As the shoes aren’t too specific for any occasion, I feel you can both dress them up and down for Evening and Day Time Events.

The base of the shoe is Patent Leather, which I think is such a beautiful added touch and really adds to the overall appearance. To contrast the base, the straps are suede and not only are they beautiful, they keep your foot extra secure. The only slightly frustrating thing is that the suede catches material, but it can be removed so it’s not a big deal. The final touch on the shoe are the sequined flowers which compliment the suede material and stand out subtly, and the silver buckle, both making the Heels almost sparkle.

I can safely say, that these shoes are timeless and as with my other heels, I will be keeping these for a long time and wearing these in many years to come – unless my feet grow of course! 

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