Clinique Cherry Pop Lipstick.

Yesterday I finally bought one of Clinique’s new  Pop Lip Colour and Primer Lipsticks!  I will admit, this is actually my first product of their’s, but I was definitely not disappointed. I also hope to try their skin range in the future as it’s been highly recommended, so if anyone else is a user of Clinique, please let me know, I’d love to hear more opinions.

Such beautiful packaging!
Such beautiful packaging!

I’ve heard wonderful things about this brand for quite a while now and started to noticed a lot adverts  in magazines of their new lipsticks, so I finally decided to give one a try. The lipsticks are priced at £16 so not cheap, but not too expensive either. It’s definitely a quality product and I’m all for paying a reasonable price if the item is worth it. 

You already know the colour of the lipstick because it's the container!
You already know the colour of the lipstick because it matches the container!

The thing I liked most about the lipstick was of course, the packaging! I do love details and the lipstick is very aesthetically pleasing. I love how the container actually matches the colour of the lipstick, it’s such a cool idea and makes their lipsticks stand out from the rest. The names are really cute too, Cherry Pop sounds so vibrant and chic!


Not only is the product a lipstick but it’s also a primer, so I actually did the unthinkable and wore the colour without a lip pencil! I was skeptical that it would last the eight hours it claims to, but I haven’t had to retouch it once. Ironically enough I really wanted to reapply because the lipstick is so beautiful, but I know it’s a good thing that I didn’t have to.

The lipstick is so smooth and shiny, it hasn’t dried my lips out at all and has kept them moisturized and crack free all day.  It’s such a classic red colour too, perfect for vintage lovers like myself, I feel like I’m back in the 1940s and 1950s! The texture almost looks like a lip gloss, however,  it isn’t sticky at all, just wonderful! 

I absolutely adore the green floral packaging that the lipstick came in, details really make a product and I will actually keep it because it’s so pretty and has a vintage look to it. The only downside I can think of about the lipstick is in the lid, it’s pretty hard to open and close, although I guess that could be considered a good thing. There are fifteen other colours in the collection and I will definitely be trying some other colours in the future.

The first picture was taken after I’d just applied the lipstick, the second picture was taken an hour and a half or so later after I’d had my lunch and the last picture was taken some six hours after I first applied the lipstick. I’m very impressed with how long it’s lasted, not one reapplication!

I also bought another Eye Liner; Rimmel London Scandal Eyes again, but this time the Precision Micro Eyeliner. As I’ve said in a previous post, I bought the Thick and Thin Eyeliner and although I do like it, I much prefer this one. The thinner tip is a lot easier to apply to the eyelid, it reaches right to the root of the eyelash and this time I didn’t need to put my liquid eyeliner over. I love that the tip is small as I much prefer building my eyeliner up then starting off with it far too thick and having to redo it all.

I recommend both of these products and hope you guys are inspired to try them too!

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