Sophia Loren No. 1 Lipstick.

Yesterday I celebrated my 22nd (!) birthday and one of the gifts I hoped to receive the most was the new Sophia Loren Lipstick for Dolce and Gabbana. As soon as I found out that Sophia was collaborating with D & G to make her own signature lipstick I literally gasped with joy!

I absolutely adore Sophia, she is 81 years old and still just as beautiful inside and out, she is one of the last living Stars from the Golden Age Of Hollywood, which makes her even more important to me. After successfully writing to Brigitte Bardot last year, I decided to write to Sophia and within two weeks – she had replied with my three photos, signed! What’s even more adorable is she kept my letter and photo of myself, so somewhere in Sophia Loren’s house there is a letter and photo of me, yay!

I soon found out that the Lipstick was being sold in the UK only at Harrods and being a good few hours away from London it would be virtually impossible to buy. However, thankfully for technology, I checked Harrods website and it was there! I showed my mum the website and kept my fingers crossed that it would appear on my birthday and as luck would have it – it did!

The lipstick is £31, so in the high price range, but the quality is wonderful and a must for any lover of Old Hollywood or Sophia! This is also my first D & G Lipstick and I would definitely buy from them again as the Lipstick is full of moisture and applies so smoothly. The case is a beautiful gold colour featuring Sophia’s Signature – simply elegant and The package matches the Lipstick and is so beautiful I’m going to keep it. What I love about high quality products is the attention to detail, Dolce and Gabbana have even printed their signature initials into the Lipstick. I also found that Max Factor’s Color Elixr Lip Liner in 04 Pink Princess works wonderfully as a base.

What I love most about it, apart from it being all about Sophia of course, is the colour! On the website it is describes as a Bright Cherry Red, but I honestly can’t decide myself what colour I think it is, it really is unique! It’s not like any of my other Lipsticks and that’s what I love as I often end up buying a Lipstick which turns out to be very similar to a previous one I’ve purchased. It’s almost a mixture of red, pink and brown, perfect for a statement look in the evening or even brightening up a casual day outfit.

I can only hope that Sophia will bring out another Lipstick, this is definitely my current favourite and I’m sure I’ll be wearing it for a long time!

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