Queen Of Hearts.

So today I decided to do a post on one of my latest buys; a beautiful blue dress with a heart pattern from Dorothy Perkins. It’s without doubt one of my favourite dresses to wear and it’s a bit different too!

I always shop on the High Street but lately Dorothy Perkins is becoming my go to shop, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again –  it’s perfect for vintage lovers, bargain prices and cotton dresses!

I love the sweetheart neckline too, it’s one of my favourite styles, it’s simple but defined and really makes the dress. It’s also great as it doesn’t show too much and make me feel self conscious, but it doesn’t cover up everything either, it’s all about a balance.

Sweetheart necklines are so vintage!
Sweetheart necklines are so vintage!

I’m all about the little details, I really think they make the most of an outfit and I absolutely adore the sleeves on the dress. They give it some structure and also keep my shoulders warm so that’s an added bonus.

The best thing about this dress is it’s fitted and comfy, something which rarely happens! The dress is fitted around the bust and black cotton belt comes with the dress, so it nips you in at the waist. It’s perfect for a vintage lover and makes you feel like you’re back in the 1940s and 1950s. You can also fasten the belt in different places, I went for the obvious and knotted it into a bow in the middle but, it also looks great from the side too. Or, you can even knot it at the back to give more detail to the other half of the dress.

I think the pattern on the dress is so unusual, I love the different shades of blue, I think it creates an almost dream like feel to the dress. Patterns are so often in floral styles or feature birds that it’s nice to have a different change with hearts.

To compliment my dress I wore my heart shaped earrings which also contain a blue pattern, I’ve had these for years and I still really love wearing them. I think the gold colour also gives them a vintage feel which is great for my style. I also have a pair with a pink pattern too, I bought them from one of my favourite stores, Accessorize.  

To complete the look, I then added a floral navy blue bow to my hair to go with my dress and earrings.  Although it’s not a perfect match, I still think it works with the look, not every item needs to match all the time, it’s okay to mix it up! When my hairs not curly, this is my favourite hairstyle to do, it’s simple and brightens up my hair instead of living it limp and straight. Although I tend not to leave it in for too long as it does make my head start to ache sadly.

I did my every day make up as usual and today I went for a Coral Red Lipstick from Maybelline, I have so many shades of Red Lipsticks you couldn’t imagine! But I think the coral red complimented the various blues in the dress and emphasized my 1940s and 1950s look I was going for. I added a gold L’oreal Eye Shadow that my  mums had for years, sadly I don’t think the colours available anymore. I added my MAC White Eye Shadow on the upper lid to compliment the gold on the rest of my eye lid.

Here are some full length photos of my look of today, I hope you enjoyed this post and it inspires you to follow your own style and be who you want to be!

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Bye Bye Birdie.

So today I thought I would write a post on one of my favourite dresses which I bought last Summer. I’m a firm believer in wearing clothes as many times as you want, it drives me crazy to see all of these celebrities having a huge closet full of clothes but never wearing them, what is the point?

I bought this dress from one of my favourite High Street stores – Dorothy Perkins, they have such beautiful designs and for great prices! The style of the dress is a Bardot off the shoulder, which I absolutely love and always comes in for Summer Trends.  The dress is fitted around the top but the bottom half is unrestricted and a fairly short length which is perfect for Summer Weather.

Bardot dress - one of my favourite styles!
Bardot – one of my favourite styles!

What I also love about this dress is the colour, I adore blue and have a lots of other blue clothes, there are so many different shades and I really think it suits blondes. I love the pattern too, it’s floral, which as you know is one of my favourite styles, but it’s also covered with birds! Animals are so beautiful and I really love birds, Pigeons specifically – I just find them really inspiring, but that’s another story. It’s just perfect for a lover of vintage!

Flowers and Birds.
Flowers and Birds.

It was finally warm enough today to wear a dress without leggings or tights, which makes the look feel more summery. I added my half sleeved baby blue cardigan to complete the look, it gives the dress an even more vintage feel.

Lastly, to complete the finished look I added my number one accessory – a flower! I thought a white flower would compliment the baby blue and not detract too much from the dress. I’ve had this one for years and it’s one of my favourites. I also added some earrings, these are probably my most worn ones at the moment, I adore them. My mum picked them up for me from Next, they have some lovely accessories!

For my hair and make up I created my usual everyday look – pin curls and 1950s make up. I used my light Rimmel Eye Shadow compact, as I didn’t want to detract away from my dress – less is more! As for my lips I used my favourite lipstick of the moment – Costa Chic by Mac, it’s a beautiful peachy shade and very Brigitte Bardot. I also used my Lasting Sensation Lip Pencil by Mac to keep the colour in place as it’s filter is frost so it’s not as strong as matte. I used my new mascara by Maybelline called Lash Sensational which is great for length and separation – no clumps!

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Floral and Flirty.

So my latest post today is on a new dress which my mum kindly bought me from Dorothy Perkins last week, she knows me so well! I’ve always loved Dorothy Perkins as it has a wonderful vintage 1950s vibe and is perfect for my style, but lately I’ve been buying most of my new dresses from there! The best thing about my latest buys is, they’re cotton and affordable, this one was in the sale at just £16.10! 

In my wardrobe you’ll find a lot of floral patterns, I simply love that design – it’s girly, colourful and most importantly – vintage! Needless to say, when I saw this dress I was instantly in love! The only thing that bothered me was the length, I’m a little lady at only five foot two and the dress line. Although the dress is fitted around the bust, the rest of the dress is very straight and I was worried on how that would look on me. However, after trying it on and getting used to it, I think it’s makes a nice change! It’s perfect for the summer, nice and breezy, but also has the feminine touch of being fitted around the bust. I love dresses that can be casual and formal, the shoes will always make the difference!

I absolutely adore the sweetheart neckline, I think that’s becoming my favourite style of dress, it’s classy whilst also showing a bit of skin, but not too much – less is more! It’s such a 1940s/1950s vibe and if you love the vintage style, then keep this neckline in mind. Plus, isn’t the name of it just adorable?

I think my favourite detail would have to be the twist detail on the bust, it’s absolutely stunning and really makes the dress in my opinion. It also reminds me of Grace Kelly’s Lingerie in Rear Window, which is a bonus, is it not?

Here are a couple of full length photos of the dress, I find it to be a mixture of all three of my favourite styles; 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. The 1960s coming from the straight style line of the dress and the 1940s and 1950s coming from the pattern and bust design.

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