Mela Loves London.

Today I chose to wear a dress I bought from Dorothy Perkins last year by a brand called Mela Loves London. As soon as I saw this dress I knew that I had to have it! It’s very different to your average High Street dress and really goes with my Vintage Style. I can’t tell you the exact name of the pattern but it’s very similar to Rococo and has an elegant appearance.

I love the collar, it’s so 1940s and really compliments the style of the dress, you can’t even feel it so it’s not uncomfortable and adds such lovely detailing.  The light beige and midnight blue  work as a great combination together and it’s not something you see everyday so it makes a nice change. 

The dress is fitted around the waist and bust which further emulates the vintage style I love and flares out just below with some beautiful pleats which further add to the aesthetic detail. The only downside I can think of is the zip! I have a few dresses which have similar styling and material and they are so hard to zip up to the top, it can be very frustrating! 

To match my dress I decided to wear my beautiful ring from Pandora that my lovely parents bought me for my 21st Birthday last year. The ring is silver, my favourite and has a beautiful dark blue stone in the middle. I love rings ,but I find them hard to wear all the time for a number of reasons, one, my fingers are very small so not a lot fit and two, I find it frustrating when washing my hands. 

I decided to further accentuate my vintage look by wearing my Clinique Color Pop Lipstick in Cherry Pop. I made the mistake of applying my Max Factor Lip Pencil first, so the colour didn’t turn out it’s usual shade. I always apply my Lip Pencil first to create my lip shape, but I find with Cherry Pop that it’s better to put the Lipstick on first and then blend and shape my lip line after.

I used my Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner for a change instead of my usual Liquid Rimmel Eye Liner and I really liked the results. It’s a lot less intimidating than using a liquid liner and although the brush isn’t as small and defined overall I was very impressed. I tried to differ my Eye Shadow slightly by using a Gold Loreal Shade and my usual Nude Shade below my brow bone. I’m inspired by Marilyn Monroe’s Eye Makeup and keep the lids pretty natural – besides the Eyeliner of course. However, I do hope to try and start experimenting with other shades, I just find new Eye Makeup styles very hard to apply. 

I took my Pin Curls out on Tuesday morning and as I only brushed each curl out individually in the evening they’ve lasted pretty well. Therefore, I decided to go for a Brigitte Bardot Bombshell Waves look, I brushed the curls and twirled the hair around with my finger. After that I teased the back of my hair around the crown of my head and then the front to create a Veronica Lake Peek A Boo Bang.

To complete my look I added some Pearl Earrings that my mum bought from The High Street years ago, Pearls are my favourite and are the ultimate vintage accessory. My name also means Pearl so I have an extra soft spot for them!

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