Flower Fever.

Happy  New Year lovely readers! I hope you all had a wonderful time, I myself had a very uneventful evening – but Silver Linings Playbook was on the TV, so that kept me very entertained. I don’t know about you, but I’m relieved it’s 2016, 2015 for me was a strange year – it started off pretty good but, the second half of the year couldn’t have been much worse, alas, that’s another story.

This year I’m definitely going to try and start putting myself first, I’m really working hard to beat my OCD and Intrusive Thoughts and I’m also trying to be kinder to myself. I need to start treating me like how I treat other people and stop putting myself down all of the time.

I thought I’d write an outfit post today as I think lipsticks especially are starting to take over my blog, not that it’s a bad thing, but it’s nice to change it up! 

Today I wore a fairly new dress, it’s by a Brand called South and from Very and I’m pretty sure I bought it in the sale. Speaking of sales, I’ve just checked the website now and found at least two of my other dresses in the sale for around £8.40, now that’s a bargain!

What I love about this dress is it’s fitted around the bust and waist, but it’s comfy – that’s the perfect thing about Skater Dresses! What could be better? It’s such a lovely fit and perfect for Summer or Winter, just add a cardigan! The pattern is so lovely too, often you’ve got to be careful with prints as they can sometimes overwhelm an outfit, but I think it’s done very tastefully and has such a Spring feel to it. I teamed the dress with a simple black cardigan to match, I really don’t think you can go wrong with the colour black, it’s so flattering and really does go with everything!

As for my hair and make up I decided to return to my favourite look – the 1950s! The past couple of times I’ve washed my hair I haven’t bothered to pin curl it, I thought I should give it a bit of a break. Therefore, the past week I’ve been plaiting my hair after washing it which creates a mermaid look, think Daryl Hannah in Splash. However, my hair is no way near as beautiful as hers, but I try to work with what I have!

It’s refreshing to currently have pin curled hair again, although it can look pretty short on the first day, it often drops and I can end up creating a variety of curls within the space of just a few days! Today I decided to brush each curl after I unpinned it, in doing that it makes my hair look a lot thicker and loosens up the curls a bit, think Jayne Mansfield Curls in Kiss Them For Me (1957) – well, that was my inspiration any way.

I completed my everyday make up with my current favourite lipstick, L’absolu Rouge in Rouge Rayonnant in 47. I realized after blogging my latest post I forgot to take pictures of me wearing it – eek! Therefore, I’ve worn it today so you all can see the actual shade.

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Floral Fever.

Flowers always brighten your day, therefore, I’m a firm believer in wearing them in your hair even when you’re not in San Francisco! I’ve always loved flower accessories, I’ve worn them for around eight years in my hair, maybe it stems my love of 1960s fashion, who knows? Maybe I just like to try and be creative.

I absolutely adore Accessorize, this shop is without doubt my go to for hair accessories, it’s so unique and quirky and I’d recommend it everyone! My mums favourite accessory are earrings and she shares my love for Accessorize too, sadly she didn’t find anything, but I did find some lovely flowers!  I hadn’t bought any in quite a while as I’m pretty picky with the sizes and shapes and try not to get the same old colours.

To my surprise I found a beautiful set of turquoise, blue and silver flowers, not your everyday colours and knew that I had to add them to my collection. My favourite colour to wear is blue and I knew I had a few outfits at home that they would compliment. I also found a large red rose flower, my other favourite colour to wear because of my love for red lipstick and so I bought that one also. Sadly the prices for flowers can be fairly expensive, these were around £8.99, but for all the years you get out of them it’s worth it.

 I have a set of four red flowers, which are very similar to my new blue and silver ones, so I was pretty confident that I would like the way my new flowers fitted. However, I think I had my hopes set too high for the red rose, although I think it’s beautiful, I’m not sure if I think it’s too big. I guess I found it quite hard to place in my hair, but practice makes perfect, so I haven’t gave up hope on it yet.

I also found the most adorable key-ring, a beautiful red lipstick! Being that red is my favourite shade to wear, I was very pleased, however, that’s the only one available as far as I’m aware. Hopefully they will bring other shades out soon! The classic black and gold case make it feel like a true vintage lipstick!

My favourite make up brushes to use are the wonderful Real Techniques, I’ve used their Foundation, Blusher and Powder brush for years and I’ve recently started using their Lipstick brush too which I also love. I’ve had their Eye Shadow and Eyeliner brush on my to buy list for quite a while now, but every time I’ve been to Boots – they’ve been out of stock! However, luck was in my favour this time as not only did I see both brushes in stock, there was an offer for buy one get one half price, yay!

I first tried both today and was very impressed, not only are they very aesthetically pleasing, but they’re so quality made! The difference in using my Real Techniques Eye Shadow brush compared to my other one was very noticeable, none of the bristles came off and they were incredibly soft. The brush was shaped very well for shading and contouring on my eyelid and I can’t wait to use it again!

The Eye Liner brush is definitely my favourite, I love using the Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner, the only problem is that with the original brush, I find it can be quite hard on the eyelid and too thick. Therefore, I was so pleased to try this new one, it’s made out of silicone and shaped very thinly, which is great if you like to build up the eyeliner like myself. I will be trying the brush with my liquid eyeliner too, hopefully I will have the same result!

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Mint Green.

Here is a long awaited outfit post, finally! I decided to wear an oldie but goodie, my Mint Green Tulip Fitted Dress which I bought from River Island a couple of years ago. I love the colour green and especially mint, it’s just perfect for the Summer and it’s definitely one of my favourite shades to wear.

I find the Tulip Style Dress to be really flattering and also comfy, they’re fitted around the bust and waist and form a tulip – hence the name, style skirt. The style is perfect for all vintage lovers and I would recommend it to anyone. The dress also has horizontal lined patterns that cover the dress, they are so subtle that they almost blend in and it just makes the dress slightly different, which I think is always a good thing.

I also love the Cap Sleeves, they’re the perfect length for Summer Weather, sometimes straps on dresses can make you feel too on display and not keep you warm enough. However, if you’re feeling cold it’s easy to wear a cardigan with as the sleeves are fitted so it wouldn’t affect how the cardigan fits.

I washed my hair last night, let it dry naturally and then pincurled it up and took it out this morning for some classic vintage curls. I also added a tropical pink and white flower, which I bought from Accessorize years ago. I love this hair clip but I find it hard to wear often as it doesn’t go with a lot of my clothes.

However, it was a rare occasion that I decided to wear a pink shade of lipstick, so I thought it would work perfectly. I wore Maybelline’s Color Sensational Intense Pink Lip Pencil in 140 with Max Factor’s Bewitching Coral in 827. The rest of my make up I kept pretty much the same, maybe some day I’ll experiment with different Eye Shadows as much as I do with Lipsticks!

I also decided to wear some accessories, which were not in my hair or ears! I do love wearing jewellery, it just seems that my go to choices are always earrings. My mum recently got back from Lisbon and bought me a beautiful friendship bracelet which is made from plaited rope and has beautiful flowers attached to it. It was so thoughtful of her and I absolutely love it!

I picked my favourite necklace, which my Grandad gave me for my 21st birthday. This belonged to my Nan and it is so unique and like something I’ve never seen before. I chose the darker stone side instead of the red stone side, as it goes best with my outfit today. It means a hell of a lot to me and I always like to wear it to boost my Grandad’s spirits.

Lastly, I added some green diamond style earrings which I bought once again from, you guessed it – Accessorize. They go perfectly with my mint green dress and are just beautiful.

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Blue Butterflies.

I think it’s fair to say, that I’m a little bit obsessed with the colour blue, it’s been reappearing in my blog posts quite a lot lately. Today I decided to wear one of my Bardot Style Dresses which I bought from New Look last year. I hadn’t worn it in a while and I thought it would go great with  my new butterfly cardigan. It has a lovely vintage feel, its tight around the bust and waist and goes out at the hips.

One of my Dorothy Perkins dresses that I bought a couple of weeks ago is covered in butterflies, I will write a post on it asap, however, my mum saw this cardigan in Marks and Spencer and thought it would go well with this particular dress. Sadly, when I tried them both on together, I felt they clashed too much, although the cardigan was too beautiful to return so I decided to keep it and try it with something else.

Bardot Style Dresses are one of my favourites.
Bardot Style Dresses are one of my favourites.

Although this dress is pretty simple, the details it has, such as the Bardot neckline, the ruching on the bust and the neon blue colour really make the outfit. Plus, with the dress not being too detailed, it goes perfectly well with the butterfly cardigan and the top compliment one another perfectly.

Ruching is such an understated detail, I love it!

I adore detailed cardigans, the only problem with them is I feel as they stand out so much, it’s better to wear something less out there so the look isn’t too overwhelming. Luckily, this dress is nice and simple and perfect for the cardigan. It’s so summery and has tiny diamantes  all over it, such beautiful details! Also, the buttons are absolutely adorable, I love how simple buttons are, yet they can come in so many variations! They’re almost an opal colour and just blend wonderfully, the cardigan has such a vintage feel and is cotton too!

I decided to braid my hair into one plait and to make it slightly messy by pulling each section of the hair to give the illusion of my hair being thicker. I was going to braid a fish plait but thought that would look too contrived and not subtle enough. I then added some pastel coloured flowers into sections of my plait to create a Summery vibe and what goes better with Butterflies than flowers?

I also chose some Butterfly earrings to complete the look, the good thing about them is they’re silver, so they are subtle and don’t overload the outfit. I think I bought these from Accessorize years ago, definitely my favourite store for earrings.

For my makeup I created my usual look, however, this time I decided to wear a Plum Lipstick. I love purple colours, however I find them pretty hard to wear all of the time, so only put them on every once and a while. I think plum colours can give you a vampy look and are better for a night out and Autumn and Winter Seasonsa, however I thought I’d take a risk. I have two plum colours from MAC; Violetta and Up The Amp, this time I chose Up The Amp as I found it to be more subtle and thought it would blend better with my outfit. I wore my Magenta Mac Lip Pencil for the base of my lips and then put Up The Amp over it. It has such a lovely feel, the filter is Amplified Creme and it feels so smooth on your lips. I’m usually quite weary of wearing darker lipsticks as I feel they usually look so much better on Brunettes, but I’ve decided it’s good to vary your lipsticks and try new colours! 

Here is the complete look, I took inspirations from the 1960s and Elsa from Frozen for the hair – who else?! I wanted to create an understated vintage chic look and try something a bit different.

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