Floral Fever.

Flowers always brighten your day, therefore, I’m a firm believer in wearing them in your hair even when you’re not in San Francisco! I’ve always loved flower accessories, I’ve worn them for around eight years in my hair, maybe it stems my love of 1960s fashion, who knows? Maybe I just like to try and be creative.

I absolutely adore Accessorize, this shop is without doubt my go to for hair accessories, it’s so unique and quirky and I’d recommend it everyone! My mums favourite accessory are earrings and she shares my love for Accessorize too, sadly she didn’t find anything, but I did find some lovely flowers!  I hadn’t bought any in quite a while as I’m pretty picky with the sizes and shapes and try not to get the same old colours.

To my surprise I found a beautiful set of turquoise, blue and silver flowers, not your everyday colours and knew that I had to add them to my collection. My favourite colour to wear is blue and I knew I had a few outfits at home that they would compliment. I also found a large red rose flower, my other favourite colour to wear because of my love for red lipstick and so I bought that one also. Sadly the prices for flowers can be fairly expensive, these were around £8.99, but for all the years you get out of them it’s worth it.

 I have a set of four red flowers, which are very similar to my new blue and silver ones, so I was pretty confident that I would like the way my new flowers fitted. However, I think I had my hopes set too high for the red rose, although I think it’s beautiful, I’m not sure if I think it’s too big. I guess I found it quite hard to place in my hair, but practice makes perfect, so I haven’t gave up hope on it yet.

I also found the most adorable key-ring, a beautiful red lipstick! Being that red is my favourite shade to wear, I was very pleased, however, that’s the only one available as far as I’m aware. Hopefully they will bring other shades out soon! The classic black and gold case make it feel like a true vintage lipstick!

My favourite make up brushes to use are the wonderful Real Techniques, I’ve used their Foundation, Blusher and Powder brush for years and I’ve recently started using their Lipstick brush too which I also love. I’ve had their Eye Shadow and Eyeliner brush on my to buy list for quite a while now, but every time I’ve been to Boots – they’ve been out of stock! However, luck was in my favour this time as not only did I see both brushes in stock, there was an offer for buy one get one half price, yay!

I first tried both today and was very impressed, not only are they very aesthetically pleasing, but they’re so quality made! The difference in using my Real Techniques Eye Shadow brush compared to my other one was very noticeable, none of the bristles came off and they were incredibly soft. The brush was shaped very well for shading and contouring on my eyelid and I can’t wait to use it again!

The Eye Liner brush is definitely my favourite, I love using the Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner, the only problem is that with the original brush, I find it can be quite hard on the eyelid and too thick. Therefore, I was so pleased to try this new one, it’s made out of silicone and shaped very thinly, which is great if you like to build up the eyeliner like myself. I will be trying the brush with my liquid eyeliner too, hopefully I will have the same result!

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Sun In September.

I’m finally back with a new post! Well, it’s not been super long, but I have felt bad for not being very productive, hopefully today will make up for it! 

Today I wore one of my dresses from Miss Selfridge, I actually got it for my 21st Birthday of my mum last year, she knows me so well! As soon as I realized I hadn’t wrote about the dress I knew today was the day to make that happen. 

What I love about this dress is it’s kind of a mixture of everything, it’s very 1940s, 1950s and even a bit 1970s – not usually my style but I think it works perfectly on the dress. I love the overall lace pattern, it’s gives the design such a Classic Hollywood feel and is just so elegant and classy. The dress is also nipped in at the waist and flares out, so you’re not too constricted which is always a bonus. I love the sweetheart neckline, it’s pretty subtle because of the lace overlay and I really think the style blends so well together.

What’s unusual for me to usually wear are the flared out sleeves, I don’t really follow 1970s fashion, but I absolutely adore the flares on the dress, it makes it look more formal. The back is a plunge style and I don’t have many dresses like that, however I really think it’s such a lovely detail, especially for the back. A lot of clothes simply focus on the front details of the dress, so it’s nice to see the back look special too. 

I think my favourite thing would have to be the  rich burgundy of the dress, it really makes an entrance as it’s  not your average everyday colour you see people wearing. I also feel like it has an Autumn feel too, which is great as it’s September so the Seasons are changing.

The rest of my look today is pretty similar to my everyday style, my current favourite Lipstick is NARS Brigitte from their Audacious Lipstick Collection. All of the shades are based on an the Icons lipstick colour, this one being the beautiful Brigitte Bardot and I absolutely adore it. It’s not too subtle but not too bold, a nice nude peach which fits just in the middle. I also used my Maybelline Eye Shadow Pallet in The Nudes, there are so many shades and it’s great to mix and match. Today I went for a glittery nude colour for the base, a matte gold nude to shade my eyelid and a darker colour to contour the crease of my eyelid.

To complete my look I added two cream flowers to my hair, instead of going for the obvious red flowers I thought I’d try something different and I’m glad I did as I think they contrast well with the burgundy of the dress. I curled my hair with tongs last night and slept in pin curls, surprisingly the curls stayed in a lot better than I expected as I hadn’t washed my hair.

As Autumn is here I decided to wear my ankle boots, I absolutely adore them and it’s a nice change from wearing sandals. What’s great about the boots is they’re not too dressy but they also have a slight heel which makes you feel more formal than casual. I also adore the buckle and the suede finish, I’m all about the little details!

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Brigitte Bardot Hair.

You may not have seen Brigitte Bardot’s films, or even know much about her, but I can guarantee you will know her hair! Brigitte’s Bombshell Locks are without doubt one of the most Iconic Hairstyles of the 1950s and 1960s.

I’ve only started to learn and love Brigitte in the past couple of years, but I know that since I was a little girl I’ve always loved her look and of course, her beautiful hair!  To this day her hair is emulated by millions of people all around the world and today, I decided to try my own take on it.

When asked recently by a Journalist about her iconic look she simply said,

“I never decided anything. I always hated people fussing with my face and hair. I could get by on my own, pinning up my hair any old way.”

I decided to try two different, yet similar beehive hairstyles that were inspired by Brigitte. The first was more controlled and after I’d created this look, I decided to mess it up a bit and recreate Brigitte’s famous style, my favourite being around 1958.

I much preferred the second style, mainly because the first style felt too controlled and fancy for me, plus I was very conscious of pulling all of my hair off my face. I adore the tousled bangs look with the big curls and I felt much more comfortable with the second style.

When I usually style my hair similar to Brigitte’s I usually tend to do it when my hair is straight, however, I think it looks much closer to her style a day or so after my pin curls have dropped. Brigitte’s hair was never really pin straight in the late 1950s, it was styled to look like it had just been put up, but it always looked so wonderful! I wouldn’t be surprised if it only took Brigitte a few minutes however, she sure perfected her tresses!

If you’re interested in seeing Brigitte’s hair on film, then I think the best one to watch to see this iconic hairstyle is Come Dance With Me! in 1959. Before I’d watched any of Brigitte’s films, I once got a compliment comparing my look of the day to hers from the film, that meant so much and has always stayed with me!

When creating this hairstyle, I was surprised at how much little time it took for me to style! Of course, it helped that my hair was already pin curled a few days ago, firstly, I brushed each curl separately and twisted it around my finger. After that, I used my fine tooth comb and parted the top section of my hair, backcombed it ever so slightly, twisted it up and clipped it in. I decided to add a red bow to my beehive, mostly because I was inspired Brigitte herself in A Ravishing Idiot in 1964.

After I created this more controlled style, I decided I wasn’t fully happy with the style and wanted it to be more similar to Brigitte’s. I was anxious to how it would turn out, but I decided to go for it anyway, if you never try – you’ll never know! I simply took out the clips, used my comb and separated a small part of the front of my hair and parted it in the middle. I then brushed the hair around my face and twirled the curls around my fingers, and re-clipped the majority of the top section back!

I absolutely adore this hairstyle and although I can never pull it off as good as Brigitte, I think I did a good job overall. Don’t intimidated to try different hairstyles and be inspired by iconic looks, it’s always fun to be creative and give it a go!

Although Brigitte has always stated she didn’t really consider herself an actress and that in her film roles – she would simply be Brigitte, I think she’s far too self critical. She has a lot more talent than she gives herself credit for and therefore I thought I’d recommend some of her iconic movies. You can also see her dance in some of them too, something she has always adored, she actually trained for years in Ballet.

Brigitte Bardot Film Recommendations:

And God Created Woman (1956)
Une Parisenne (1957)
The Truth (1960)
Contempt (1963)
Shalako (1968)

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Back To Black.

I really don’t think anyone can go wrong with a Little Black Dress, they can be dressed up for a Night Out, or toned down for a Casual Look, plus, they always have a vintage feel! As you probably have noticed from my last Look Post, I’ve been loving the online shop Very and my beautiful Mum once again knows me so well and found this dress for me.

The dress is fitted around the chest and has an adorable silver zip up the front, so all you need to do is step into the dress, zip it up and you’re ready to go! It’s such a simple style, but I find less to be more on this occasion and it’s just so elegant and classy, yet very comfy to wear.

The sleeves are a perfect length for English Weather, the half length is just right for keeping you warm, yet not too sweaty if we have lots of Sunshine. Plus, the dress is made out of cotton so it’s breathable and doesn’t stick to you when it’s warm. The dress falls just above the knee so it’s not too short, but not too long either – I find it to be just right!

You can actually get this dress in a raspberry pink, although it doesn’t look as vibrant in person.  I actually ordered the dress to see what it was like, however, I was very disappointed and felt it just didn’t work on me, so I stuck with my first choice.

I love how the dress has such a chic, flirty feel, everyone loves to twirl around once in a while. I think this dress would fit in  perfectly in Mad Men for one of the Secretaries. I feel this dress is perfect for all year round and it’s definitely one of my new favourites. I went for a more casual look today, but I will definitely try dressing this up to create a different vibe.

To continue my Vintage Inspired Style, I of course went for a bold Red Lipstick, it’s my favourite colour to wear and a must for any 1940s/1950s lover. I chose my Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque, I love how the glossy finish creates almost a 3D texture to your lips, they feel and look so much fuller! I decided to use the darker shades in my Rimmel Glam Eyes Quad Shadow, which is pretty unusual for me as I’m always inspired by Marilyn’s light Eye Shadow, which contrasted with the Winged Eyeliner. Plus, I tend to feel that darker Eye Shadow sadly doesn’t suit me as much, but I gave it a try and overall, I think it turned out okay!

I decided to take the rare decision of not Pin Curling my hair after I’d washed it and left it in it’s natural style, fairly straight with a  bit of a wave – nothing special unfortunately. I also did something I never do, I styled my hair with a center part! Since falling in love with Vintage Hollywood, I’ve always worn my hair parted to the right side as I love to create a big curly wave when I do my Pin Curls. But, I thought it was worth changing it up, needless to say it only lasted for yesterday’s look.

My Mum and me went to see Inside Out, which was absolutely adorable and so inspiring, my favourite emotion was Disgust, I absolutely adored her look and she was so sassy. and it was a nice change to not be asked for my age too. As it was pretty cool outside I wore my Trench Coat from Miss Selfridge. I didn’t get a picture of it, but I absolutely adore this style – it screams 1960s and I definitely recommend getting one if you haven’t already.

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Think Pink.

Although I love the colour pink, I don’t seem to wear it that much, nor do I have many pink items in my wardrobe. However, I decided to style a really girly look today, similar to my Vintage Style of course, but with lots more pink!

My Mum thought it would be a good idea to get me out of the house and we went to see Hot Pursuit at the Cinema, with Sofia Vergara and Reese Witherspoon. I’ve adored Reese Witherspoon ever since Legally Blonde came out in 2001 and I’m obsessed with Sofia Vergara as I’m obsessed with Modern Family. It’s only just came out today in The UK, I’ve been wanting to see it for SO long! We both thought it was great and I will definitely be buying the DVD, so don’t let the Critics influence you!

Last week I was looking for a dress to wear for my Grandad’s Funeral, I had no luck finding anything in the stores, so I decided to look online. Although the clothes always look lovely and are definitely my style, before now I’ve rarely bought anything from Very before. Most likely because it’s only online and I like to find dresses when I’m out and about. I definitely will be going on Very more often from now on though!

Once again, my amazing Mum came across a lovely Black Crochet Double Layer Dress for only £29. The dress also had two other options, one was Hot Pink and the other was Floral, of course, being a 1950s girl at heart – I chose the Floral. This one was slightly more costly at £35, but still a pretty good price! This dress is perfect for Spring and Summer, so it was the perfect time to buy it and with England’s Weather, the Polyester Material isn’t a problem.

What’s great about this dress is that it almost looks like a top and a skirt put together!  Of course that’s not the case, but it’s fun to keep people questioning. There’s also no zip either, so you literally just pull it over your head and tada – you’re ready! Even though there’s no zip or buttons, the dress still is quite fitted yet it’s comfy and you can happily stay in it all day.

The dress is just full of details, the underlay has almost a Pink Tint to it, it’s so pretty and there are so many things to see. For example, the little embellishments are so important and really make an outfit, such as the pleats in the skirt. The Crochet pattern has such a Vintage Feel, it’s timeless, classy and really defines the dress.

Whilst the top half of the dress is subtle, the skirt is full of colour and contrasts by really standing out. The Printed Skirt is filled with Butterflies and Flowers, just beautiful, artist and a modern twist on a classic pattern. This dress is perfect for a day out in The Summer Sunshine, but you can easily dress it up too, it’s versatile!

To compliment my dress, I wore my Baby Pink Cardigan from New Look. It furthered the Girly Chic Vibe I was aiming for and kept me warm at the same time! I love how all the Light Pastel Colours on the Cardigan and Crochet Top contrasted with the Vibrant Neon Flowers and Butterflies.

For Accessories, I wore my Nain’s Jewellery, her Watch and Necklace, which are incredibly sentimental to me and mean even more whilst I’m trying to come to terms with the loss of my Grandfather. I wore my Pandora Ring which I got for my Birthday last year, to add even more Pink to my Look. I added my Owl Earrings because of their Vibrant Colours, which I bought from Accessorize, where else?

I applied a Gold Loreal Eyeshadow to my eyes for a Summer Glow and used Miley Cyrus’s Viva Glam Lipstick to complete  my Make Up. I felt that the vibrant tone of the Lipstick really suited my Skirt Pattern, although for some reason I wasn’t feeling this colour as much as I have before. I applied the rest of my Make Up as usual, concentrating on my 1960s Eyeliner Flicks, they are a must for me.

Lastly, I Pin Curled my hair earlier this week and simply brushed my hair and sweeped it to one side, clipping it back loosely. I was inspired by the beautiful Veronica Lake and aimed to achieve her Iconic Bombshell Curls from the 1940s. I decided against any Hair Accessories because I felt like that would have been too overpowering.

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Mint Green.

Here is a long awaited outfit post, finally! I decided to wear an oldie but goodie, my Mint Green Tulip Fitted Dress which I bought from River Island a couple of years ago. I love the colour green and especially mint, it’s just perfect for the Summer and it’s definitely one of my favourite shades to wear.

I find the Tulip Style Dress to be really flattering and also comfy, they’re fitted around the bust and waist and form a tulip – hence the name, style skirt. The style is perfect for all vintage lovers and I would recommend it to anyone. The dress also has horizontal lined patterns that cover the dress, they are so subtle that they almost blend in and it just makes the dress slightly different, which I think is always a good thing.

I also love the Cap Sleeves, they’re the perfect length for Summer Weather, sometimes straps on dresses can make you feel too on display and not keep you warm enough. However, if you’re feeling cold it’s easy to wear a cardigan with as the sleeves are fitted so it wouldn’t affect how the cardigan fits.

I washed my hair last night, let it dry naturally and then pincurled it up and took it out this morning for some classic vintage curls. I also added a tropical pink and white flower, which I bought from Accessorize years ago. I love this hair clip but I find it hard to wear often as it doesn’t go with a lot of my clothes.

However, it was a rare occasion that I decided to wear a pink shade of lipstick, so I thought it would work perfectly. I wore Maybelline’s Color Sensational Intense Pink Lip Pencil in 140 with Max Factor’s Bewitching Coral in 827. The rest of my make up I kept pretty much the same, maybe some day I’ll experiment with different Eye Shadows as much as I do with Lipsticks!

I also decided to wear some accessories, which were not in my hair or ears! I do love wearing jewellery, it just seems that my go to choices are always earrings. My mum recently got back from Lisbon and bought me a beautiful friendship bracelet which is made from plaited rope and has beautiful flowers attached to it. It was so thoughtful of her and I absolutely love it!

I picked my favourite necklace, which my Grandad gave me for my 21st birthday. This belonged to my Nan and it is so unique and like something I’ve never seen before. I chose the darker stone side instead of the red stone side, as it goes best with my outfit today. It means a hell of a lot to me and I always like to wear it to boost my Grandad’s spirits.

Lastly, I added some green diamond style earrings which I bought once again from, you guessed it – Accessorize. They go perfectly with my mint green dress and are just beautiful.

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Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)

I want to apologize again for my of posts, I’ve had a very hectic week emotionally so I’ve been pretty drained. However, I’ve finally recovered from my Chicken Pox and I  actually put make up on for the first time in about nine days on Wednesday, yay!

On Thursday, my beautiful friend Laura aka livingforthenow, came to stay for a few days, sadly she left today. However, we had a lovely time together though and had a nice big catch up, I know Laura thanks to my favourite person, Marilyn, and we have been best friends since we finally met one another the day before Laura’s Wedding, two years ago! Marilyn always draws me to such beautiful people, inside and out and I am forever thankful to what she has done to help me, but that’s another story! Since meeting face to face at Laura’s Wedding, we have seen each other on three other occasions, (I think!) and she has helped me so much with my anxiety and depression, she’s basically Marilyn reincarnated. Even though we don’t get to see each other every day, we talk all the time and no matter the distance between us, that will never break our friendship.

Therefore, I wanted to do a post on our time together the past couple of days, being blog obsessed, we took quite a few photos and the highlight includes seeing Terminator Genisys with our girl, Emilia Clarke, *swoons*, did I mention we’re obsessed with Game of Thrones? I’m a bit embarrassed to say, but I think I’m the only person that hasn’t seen any of The Terminator films, so apart from needing an update on the first two from Laura, I thought it was great! I’m not a huge Sci-Fi person but I do like to try other genres and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Arnie looked great too, who said ageing is a bad thing?

My present from France from Laura and Paul! I am so in love with it, I almost cried with happiness!
My present from France of Brigitte Bardot from Laura and Paul! I am so in love with it, I almost cried with happiness!

As you can see it has lots of Brigitte references, Saint Tropez, which is one of her favourite places, Initiales BB, which is the name of her Autobiography and Et Dieu Crea La Femme, the name of her breakthrough iconic film – And God Created Woman (1956). Laura said that they had Marilyn ceramic photos too, but of course being in France she thought Brigitte would have more meaning.

Friday was such a lovely day, although the weather was great, that didn’t stop us from going to the pictures and seeing Terminator! After we watched the film, we decided to get something to eat, and where else would I suggest other than Pizza Hut? You really can’t go wrong with Pizza. It was so nice to be able to get these photos on my new/old phone, Laura very kindly brought her old iPhone 5C for me to have, my iPhone 5 is two years old and likes to lose battery constantly.

Of course I had to get a picture with Emilia and Arnie, well it may only be a poster but that’s fine by me as I’d be way too anxious if they were the real people! Talk about Star Struck!

When we got home I asked Laura if I could practice my hair and make up skills on her and she willfully obliged, which was very nerve racking but exciting at the same time! After Laura washed her hair, I let it dry naturally and then I spent almost two hours pin curling Laura’s hair, she was so patient and put up with me poking and prodding her hair! Here are photos of Laura’s Pin Curls and her full make up which I did the next morning, before I took her hair out of the curls. I was so nervous doing Laura’s make up, it can be hard enough doing your own let alone someone else! But thankfully she loved it, phew!

After finishing Laura’s make up, it was time to take the curls out, I was really excited but also nervous, as I didn’t know what Laura would think of her bombshell look! I knew she would look stunning though and I definitely wasn’t wrong! I felt quite proud of my work, although it’s really not that hard when you have such a beautiful friend to practice on!

Here’s how Laura’s hair looked when I first took it out, she couldn’t get over how short and curling it was as she didn’t think her hair would turn out the way mine does, how wrong was she?! She wanted her hair to be longer and the curls less tight, so I brushed each one individually and Laura thankfully approved. I couldn’t get over how much her hair looked like Marilyn’s, she looked just like she had stepped out from the 1950s – a gorgeous blonde bombshell!

Laura wore her new dress she bought yesterday from Primark, it was the perfect figure hugging pin up style and I couldn’t stop complimenting her! What gave me such a wonderful feeling was her reaction, she hugged me and told me how good she felt about herself, I could have cried!

I had such a lovely time with beautiful Laura and I’m so thankful to have someone who’s so supportive and understanding in my life. I can’t wait for October!

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Blue Butterflies.

I think it’s fair to say, that I’m a little bit obsessed with the colour blue, it’s been reappearing in my blog posts quite a lot lately. Today I decided to wear one of my Bardot Style Dresses which I bought from New Look last year. I hadn’t worn it in a while and I thought it would go great with  my new butterfly cardigan. It has a lovely vintage feel, its tight around the bust and waist and goes out at the hips.

One of my Dorothy Perkins dresses that I bought a couple of weeks ago is covered in butterflies, I will write a post on it asap, however, my mum saw this cardigan in Marks and Spencer and thought it would go well with this particular dress. Sadly, when I tried them both on together, I felt they clashed too much, although the cardigan was too beautiful to return so I decided to keep it and try it with something else.

Bardot Style Dresses are one of my favourites.
Bardot Style Dresses are one of my favourites.

Although this dress is pretty simple, the details it has, such as the Bardot neckline, the ruching on the bust and the neon blue colour really make the outfit. Plus, with the dress not being too detailed, it goes perfectly well with the butterfly cardigan and the top compliment one another perfectly.

Ruching is such an understated detail, I love it!

I adore detailed cardigans, the only problem with them is I feel as they stand out so much, it’s better to wear something less out there so the look isn’t too overwhelming. Luckily, this dress is nice and simple and perfect for the cardigan. It’s so summery and has tiny diamantes  all over it, such beautiful details! Also, the buttons are absolutely adorable, I love how simple buttons are, yet they can come in so many variations! They’re almost an opal colour and just blend wonderfully, the cardigan has such a vintage feel and is cotton too!

I decided to braid my hair into one plait and to make it slightly messy by pulling each section of the hair to give the illusion of my hair being thicker. I was going to braid a fish plait but thought that would look too contrived and not subtle enough. I then added some pastel coloured flowers into sections of my plait to create a Summery vibe and what goes better with Butterflies than flowers?

I also chose some Butterfly earrings to complete the look, the good thing about them is they’re silver, so they are subtle and don’t overload the outfit. I think I bought these from Accessorize years ago, definitely my favourite store for earrings.

For my makeup I created my usual look, however, this time I decided to wear a Plum Lipstick. I love purple colours, however I find them pretty hard to wear all of the time, so only put them on every once and a while. I think plum colours can give you a vampy look and are better for a night out and Autumn and Winter Seasonsa, however I thought I’d take a risk. I have two plum colours from MAC; Violetta and Up The Amp, this time I chose Up The Amp as I found it to be more subtle and thought it would blend better with my outfit. I wore my Magenta Mac Lip Pencil for the base of my lips and then put Up The Amp over it. It has such a lovely feel, the filter is Amplified Creme and it feels so smooth on your lips. I’m usually quite weary of wearing darker lipsticks as I feel they usually look so much better on Brunettes, but I’ve decided it’s good to vary your lipsticks and try new colours! 

Here is the complete look, I took inspirations from the 1960s and Elsa from Frozen for the hair – who else?! I wanted to create an understated vintage chic look and try something a bit different.

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Queen Of Hearts.

So today I decided to do a post on one of my latest buys; a beautiful blue dress with a heart pattern from Dorothy Perkins. It’s without doubt one of my favourite dresses to wear and it’s a bit different too!

I always shop on the High Street but lately Dorothy Perkins is becoming my go to shop, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again –  it’s perfect for vintage lovers, bargain prices and cotton dresses!

I love the sweetheart neckline too, it’s one of my favourite styles, it’s simple but defined and really makes the dress. It’s also great as it doesn’t show too much and make me feel self conscious, but it doesn’t cover up everything either, it’s all about a balance.

Sweetheart necklines are so vintage!
Sweetheart necklines are so vintage!

I’m all about the little details, I really think they make the most of an outfit and I absolutely adore the sleeves on the dress. They give it some structure and also keep my shoulders warm so that’s an added bonus.

The best thing about this dress is it’s fitted and comfy, something which rarely happens! The dress is fitted around the bust and black cotton belt comes with the dress, so it nips you in at the waist. It’s perfect for a vintage lover and makes you feel like you’re back in the 1940s and 1950s. You can also fasten the belt in different places, I went for the obvious and knotted it into a bow in the middle but, it also looks great from the side too. Or, you can even knot it at the back to give more detail to the other half of the dress.

I think the pattern on the dress is so unusual, I love the different shades of blue, I think it creates an almost dream like feel to the dress. Patterns are so often in floral styles or feature birds that it’s nice to have a different change with hearts.

To compliment my dress I wore my heart shaped earrings which also contain a blue pattern, I’ve had these for years and I still really love wearing them. I think the gold colour also gives them a vintage feel which is great for my style. I also have a pair with a pink pattern too, I bought them from one of my favourite stores, Accessorize.  

To complete the look, I then added a floral navy blue bow to my hair to go with my dress and earrings.  Although it’s not a perfect match, I still think it works with the look, not every item needs to match all the time, it’s okay to mix it up! When my hairs not curly, this is my favourite hairstyle to do, it’s simple and brightens up my hair instead of living it limp and straight. Although I tend not to leave it in for too long as it does make my head start to ache sadly.

I did my every day make up as usual and today I went for a Coral Red Lipstick from Maybelline, I have so many shades of Red Lipsticks you couldn’t imagine! But I think the coral red complimented the various blues in the dress and emphasized my 1940s and 1950s look I was going for. I added a gold L’oreal Eye Shadow that my  mums had for years, sadly I don’t think the colours available anymore. I added my MAC White Eye Shadow on the upper lid to compliment the gold on the rest of my eye lid.

Here are some full length photos of my look of today, I hope you enjoyed this post and it inspires you to follow your own style and be who you want to be!

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Bye Bye Birdie.

So today I thought I would write a post on one of my favourite dresses which I bought last Summer. I’m a firm believer in wearing clothes as many times as you want, it drives me crazy to see all of these celebrities having a huge closet full of clothes but never wearing them, what is the point?

I bought this dress from one of my favourite High Street stores – Dorothy Perkins, they have such beautiful designs and for great prices! The style of the dress is a Bardot off the shoulder, which I absolutely love and always comes in for Summer Trends.  The dress is fitted around the top but the bottom half is unrestricted and a fairly short length which is perfect for Summer Weather.

Bardot dress - one of my favourite styles!
Bardot – one of my favourite styles!

What I also love about this dress is the colour, I adore blue and have a lots of other blue clothes, there are so many different shades and I really think it suits blondes. I love the pattern too, it’s floral, which as you know is one of my favourite styles, but it’s also covered with birds! Animals are so beautiful and I really love birds, Pigeons specifically – I just find them really inspiring, but that’s another story. It’s just perfect for a lover of vintage!

Flowers and Birds.
Flowers and Birds.

It was finally warm enough today to wear a dress without leggings or tights, which makes the look feel more summery. I added my half sleeved baby blue cardigan to complete the look, it gives the dress an even more vintage feel.

Lastly, to complete the finished look I added my number one accessory – a flower! I thought a white flower would compliment the baby blue and not detract too much from the dress. I’ve had this one for years and it’s one of my favourites. I also added some earrings, these are probably my most worn ones at the moment, I adore them. My mum picked them up for me from Next, they have some lovely accessories!

For my hair and make up I created my usual everyday look – pin curls and 1950s make up. I used my light Rimmel Eye Shadow compact, as I didn’t want to detract away from my dress – less is more! As for my lips I used my favourite lipstick of the moment – Costa Chic by Mac, it’s a beautiful peachy shade and very Brigitte Bardot. I also used my Lasting Sensation Lip Pencil by Mac to keep the colour in place as it’s filter is frost so it’s not as strong as matte. I used my new mascara by Maybelline called Lash Sensational which is great for length and separation – no clumps!

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