Kylie Lip Kit Part Two.

A month ago I wrote about my first Kylie Lip Kits; Candy, Posie and Mary Jo and since then I decided to order two more shades, 22 and Koko. Today they have arrived and I am very happy with my latest additions!

I ordered 22 and Koko on the 29th March and fifteen days later they arrived, a couple of days longer than my first order but they are delivered all the way from America so I was happy to wait. However, this time my order was subjected to a customs fee of £12, which has frustrated me a lot as I ordered three Lip Kits last time and didn’t recieve any charge. Of course this is nothing to do with Kylie or her products but it has sadly put me off ordering more.

I must say that although I think the quality of the products are amazing, the shades of the lipsticks can be very misleading. With my previous shades, Posie and Candy, I absolutely adored how they looked on Kylie, however  I was slightly disappointed with the colours on me. I felt Posie was a lot darker and not a vibrant super pink like it is on Kylie and Candy was also significantly different. I guess it all depends on your skin tones, luckily I feel the shades Mary Jo and Koko look a lot closer to the colours they are advertised as. I’ve noticed quite a few people have commented about the shades looking different so I’m not the only one who has noticed this.

I decided to buy Koko and 22 because they were very different to previous Lip Kit shades and I was hoping Koko would be a lot lighter on me – and it was! Koko is described as a pale pinky nude and on my lips I think it ironically looks a lot like the shade I thought Candy was, so I’m happy about that and but it’s lighter than Posie and Candy. 22 is a burnt orange shade and although it’s not as vibrant on me as I would like, it’s definitely the shade it is advertised as.

Any of you who follow @kyliecosmetics on Instagram will know about the upcoming metallic metal shades; King, Reign and Heir. Although I won’t be able to buy any of them at this current moment in time, from the swatches Kylie has shared I’d definitely wear Heir, it’s my favourite shade out of the three for sure and I think it would compliment blondes with pale skin.

Speaking of new shades, Kylie has also brought out three nude glosses; Like, Literally and So Cute.  As I’m not really a lip gloss person I’ve yet to purchase any, although if I was to pick my favourite shade I’d choose So Cute. I’m pretty sure So Cute is the lightest shade so from my experience with the Lip Kits, picking this one won’t look too dark on my lips. The irony is, I absolutely love a bold lip colour, but there’s a fine line between just right and too intense. Although I still love the shades Posie and Candy, it is frustrating seeing them look so perfect on Kylie and a different colour on myself.

First photo is me just wearing the lip liner and the second  photo is me wearing the lipstick over the liner.

Apart from the Lip Kit themselves, the other exciting part of ordering from Kylie is receiving the iconic Kylie Cosmetics Postcard. Sadly, for some reason this time I didn’t find one in my box, I don’t know if this was by accident or because it was my second order. However, there’s a different postcard with Kylie’s Glosses and I think I might even prefer that as it is a photo of Kylie from her Glosses music video. If any of you have tried the other shades or glosses then please let me know what you think, I’d love to hear your opinions!

I must thank Kylie for introducing me to liquid lipsticks, I still can’t get over how amazing they are and I can’t wait to try other brands versions too. It’s also so refreshing to see a celebrity use their own products and be so involved in the process. I’m so excited to see the new shades of Lip Kits Kylie releases and continue to watch her brand grow, she’s doing so well and should be very proud of herself! 

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Kylie Lip Kit.

Probably the most talked about subject in the world of celebrity last year would be Kylie Jenner’s Lips, I think it’s pretty fair to say that they have become an industry in their own right and Kylie has confirmed this by releasing her own cosmetics; Lip Kit by Kylie.

First released in November in three shades; Candy, Dolce and True Brown, the products sold out within minutes and have since been in huge demand. Sadly, I was yet to get my hands on one of them, that is until February 2nd when the kits were restocked and three shades were added; Posie, KoKo and Mary Jo. I’m definitely glad I waited to buy a Kylie Lip Kit as the new shades are definitely more of my preferred choice. However, I’d heard such good things about the products that I was almost apprehensive to try them, worrying they wouldn’t live up to my expectations – trust me, they did!

I’m writing this post on the day my Lip Kits arrived, I ordered three shades; Mary Jo, Candy and Posie on 2nd February and 13 days later they arrived all the way from the United States. I was perfectly happy to wait and overall it really didn’t take that long for International Shipping, obviously if you’re in the United States they are likely to arrive within a few days.

The Lip Kits are packaged extremely well, they have their own separate packaging which is absolutely gorgeous, as well as the outer box they are placed in with foam protection. When you open the box there is a beautiful card with the Kylie Cosmetics Logo on the front and a lovely message from Kylie on the back, you can tell how passionate she is about the kits and it’s really sweet to see how hard she has worked to share them with all of her fans.

When I say these Lip Kits are like no other lipstick I’ve tried, I mean it! It truly is a unique formula and I definitely hope to buy more in the future – KoKo I’m coming for you! Not only do the packages match each shade of the Lip Kit, there is a piece of cardboard within the box which keeps the liquid lipstick and lip pencil separate from one another. The Lip Kit features Kylie’s lovely signature and they are the perfect size for keeping in your handbag or even carrying around with you. However, I doubt you’d really need to apply the Lip Kit as they stay on so well!

When trying the shades on I found it pretty difficult removing each one, which to me is a great thing as who doesn’t want their lipstick to last all day!? Firstly I applied the Lip Pencil, this is definitely the best pencil I’ve used before as it literally just glided on! I’ve had some in the past that can be so hard and very rough on your lips, but this was wonderful to apply. It’s such a great idea that you can purchase the lipstick and lip pencil that are exactly the same shade and they come together, nothings more frustrating when you have a great lipstick but not a lip pencil to match!

After I finished using the lip pencil I applied the liquid lipstick, I usually stay away from glosses as they can be so messy and sticky but this was completely different. I honestly couldn’t believe how quickly it transformed from a glossy lipgloss into a matte lipstick!  It doesn’t feel dry on my lips, it actually feels like I haven’t got anything on them and I’ve had it on for hours and eaten my lunch and it’s still there. I really can’t wait for Kylie to release more shades and add more cosmetics to her amazing brand.

Although they are currently sold out, follow @kyliecosmetics on Instagram and it will inform you when they are restocked, I really hope Kylie releases some coral and purple shades. Out of the three lipsticks I have I think Mary Jo would be my favourite – I do love my reds! Candy is a beautiful nude brown and Posie is a lovely medium pink, I’d love to try Dolce and True Brown but I don’t think I could pull them off sadly.

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