PS… Primark Mini Makeup Haul.

I’ll be honest, if someone had told me to go and check out Primark’s own Makeup Range; PS…, I probably would have said no and continued to only venture in every now and then in hopes of finding Marilyn things. However, my favourite Beauty Blogger, Em aka mypaleskinblog did a huge Primark beauty haul on her Youtube Channel which enlightened me to not always be such a makeup snob!

To be fair to myself, which I rarely am – (but that’s another story), I do buy a wide variety of both higher and lower end beauty products, it’s just that I’d never considered Primark for makeup. The irony is, occasionally a cheaper Brand ends up making a longer lasting, better quality product compared to a Luxury Company! Therefore it goes to show that although you may get a more aesthetically pleasing purchase, it doesn’t always mean it’s better – which is basically the moral of this post.

During my haul I picked up a red lip liner, two beauty blenders and an eye shadow palette, with each item being the maximum price of.. £2.50! I would have also purchased a lipstick of some sort, however they didn’t really have any red shades which I was hoping for. Although, I’ve just been browsing on their website and they have some lovely products which means I will definitely be popping in there again at some point.

I must say, I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome of each purchase! At such cheap prices I wasn’t expecting anything astounding, but each item applied wonderfully and I actually continue to use the products weekly. Plus, even with all of the items being so cheap, they still looked very pleasing to the eye! The packaging is bold and very classic. Ultimately, I care more about the products quality however, the little touches do often make the beauty buy and for their price they definitely don’t disappoint!

Firstly, the lip liner sharpens well and feels smooth and creamy when I apply it to my lips, not chalky or harsh at all! It’s also long lasting and to be honest, I don’t really notice any difference when I compare it to my other liners! The red cap matches the shade of the liner, which contrasts beautifully with the black pencil and gold writing. Plus, it’s pretty convenient as it makes it a lot easier finding the shade you like.

Secondly, the beauty blenders come in two different shapes, one oval and one curved with the top and bottom being two different sizes. Better yet, they’re both pink! One being baby pink and the other being hot pink and yes, as you can probably tell by my excitement – I’m most definitely a girlie girl. Comparing it with my Real Techniques sponge, I can notice a slight difference with the texture – the Primark beauty blenders are not as smoothe, but for the price you can’t really complain!

Last but not least, the eye shadow palette contains beautiful nude colours, with warm and cool earthy tones that have subtle glittery pigments. The shades are very bendable and understated , so if you love a bold dramatic shadow then this probably isn’t for you. However, if you like your winged eyeliner to be the stand out factor in your makeup, then this is definitely a must have.

The only overall downside I can think of when reviewing these items is ironically – the price! Don’t get me wrong, we all love a good bargain however, because everything is so cheap, if you’re not careful you could end up spending a lot more than you would with a higher end Brand.

Also, I’m not saying every single beauty product from Primark is wonderful as that’s ultimately unlikely, like with 99% of Makeup Brands – not everything can be perfect. But, from my mini haul I can definitely say that I use all of my items regularly and all have turned out to be quality items which I recommend.

Have you bought any good quality great priced makeup? Which are your go to Bargain Brands?

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NYX Liquid Suede Cream Cherry Skies Lipstick.

As I mentioned in my last post, not only did I buy one NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick – I bought two, which couldn’t be anymore different from one another; Pink Lust and Cherry Skies.

Sticking with my favourite shade to wear – red, I decided to try and branch out from the obvious blue tone 1950s classics and went for one that was extremely dark. The lipstick instantly reminded me of a 1920s vampy shade that a femme fatale such as Louise Brooks or Theda Bara would have worn. It was so bold and daring and would definitely stand out, so I decided this was the one to try.

I also thought it would be wise to buy a lip pencil to apply under the liquid lipstick and therefore make it last longer, so I chose the closest shade I could find aptly titled, Dark Red. I only  realized once I’d got home that the lip pencil was a retractable one which, although a great idea, over the years I’ve had many that snapped fairly easily. However, my apprehension was entirely unnecessary as the lip pencil worked wonderfully and didn’t break! So I’d definitely recommend the NYX Mechanical Lip Pencils. It’s refreshing to be able to actually use  a pencil and not be fearful of pressing too much encase it snaps, plus, no sharpener is needed!

When applying the liquid lipstick I soon realized that with this shade and product, less is definitely more! I also learned that it was extremely important for me not to rush and take my time as the colour is so bold and obvious any messes would clearly stand out. As I started to apply the lipstick I actually felt a bit intimidated and anxious as to how it would actually look on me. Before the product dried it was almost black and although I love being bold with lipsticks, I definitely don’t think I’m ready to try something so stand out just yet. I can’t pull it off like Kylie Jenner that’s for sure!

However, as soon as the liquid had transformed into a matte lipstick I was very happy with the shade, it was different but still ultimately a classic vintage colour – just what I aim for! All I really needed was a blunt bob and I could have almost pretended I was a 1920s Flapper, well, maybe not but it’s always nice to have an imagination, right?

I did notice that this shade didn’t seem to last as long as Pink Lust, the lipstick I reviewed in my previous post. The only conclusion I can come up with is because it’s such a bold colour and contrasts so much with my actual lip colour, it must be more noticeable. Either way, this is only the first time I’ve worn this lipstick so I’m sure a bit of patience and practice will help to improve it.

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Nyx Cosmetics.

After watching my favourite Beauty Blogger Em aka mypaleskin use countless NYX Cosmetics products and reading about the hype of this new range I knew I’d have to find out  for myself what the fuss was all about. Ironically, my local Boots Store has just started stocking NYX so today I bought my first ever purchases!

As I was in a bit of a rush, I quickly picked up a few products that caught my eye; Cream Highlight & Contour Palette, Soft Matte Lip Creme, Extreme Colour Lip Liner and Felt Tip Liner.

I first tried the Cream Highlight & Contour Palette and realized I’d made a mistake, although the product is a lovely quality, I didn’t realize it was a cream format instead of powder. I’d already started using it when it came to my attention that the palette I should have picked up was the slightly more expensive Highlight & Contour Pro Palette. However, as I’ve bought the cream palette I will definitely try it and see if my feelings change. I think what puts me off is having to use my fingers multiple times to get even a tiny bit of product on, compared to a brush which is a lot less messy and more professional. I couldn’t even notice the accent or highlight on my face, so I’ll definitely have to use more the next time I try it. This has made me realize I should definitely get a specific contouring brush as I’m sure that will make a difference.  Of course I realize less is more but I’d like my make up to be slightly noticeable, at least to me. I will be honest, contouring is totally new to me and quite out of my comfort zone, but I hope with trying different products and learning the tricks I will be able to master it some day.

As lipsticks are my favourite product, I couldn’t wait to see all of the different shades available by NYX and I was definitely impressed! They had a variety of different lipstick formats including Butter, High Voltage, Matte, Liquid Suede Creme and Soft Matte Lip Creme. The latter is the product I chose to try as there’s such a huge obsession with Liquid Lipsticks right now and at only £5.50 I was happy to pay the price. What’s really interesting about the Soft Matte Lip Creme is it’s described as, “not lipstick nor gloss” so of course this peaked my curiosity. I chose the shade, “Ibiza”, a warm red/pink suitable for my everyday vintage style and I must say, when I applied the product it smelt absolutely beautiful! It dried fairly quickly from a silky formula and transformed into a matte finish. The only slight negative I’d say is if I was out for a long day I’d definitely take the Lip Creme with me, as it doesn’t stay as well as some of my other lipsticks. However, the quality is lovely and it’s definitely worth the buy for such a good price.

I chose a bold red Lip Liner to go with my Lip Creme and because shockingly, I only have one red lip pencil! I thought this product applied very smoothly and it had such a soft feel on my lips, sometimes lip pencils can be really rough and harsh so I was pleasantly surprised. Again, I don’t feel this lasted as well as my other lip pencils, maybe it was just more obvious to me because of the bolder colour? Who knows. However, I’m loving all the variety of products available at NYX and I definitely will be trying other products.

Lastly I decided to pick up a Felt Tip Liner as it’s been quite a while since I’ve used this format, I’m currently using liquid and gel. I’ve had felt liners in the past and really liked them so I thought I’d try this one out. The product applied boldly and was pretty simple to use, I really like that the tip is long as it’s a lot easier to create my flicks. However, if I could change one thing it would be to make the tip slightly thinner, I prefer to build up my liner instead of starting too thick. I’ve noticed that the tip of the liner has dried out considerably since it’s first use, which is very frustrating. To be fair, I haven’t used a felt tip in a long time and maybe I’ll prefer this again with more use!

After trying all of these products I think the quality is wonderful and it’s definitely worth purchasing for such a good price. As for some of the products not being as long lasting as I hoped, it’s often works out the more you pay the better the product will stay, so I don’t hold it against NYX.

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Kylie Lip Kit.

Probably the most talked about subject in the world of celebrity last year would be Kylie Jenner’s Lips, I think it’s pretty fair to say that they have become an industry in their own right and Kylie has confirmed this by releasing her own cosmetics; Lip Kit by Kylie.

First released in November in three shades; Candy, Dolce and True Brown, the products sold out within minutes and have since been in huge demand. Sadly, I was yet to get my hands on one of them, that is until February 2nd when the kits were restocked and three shades were added; Posie, KoKo and Mary Jo. I’m definitely glad I waited to buy a Kylie Lip Kit as the new shades are definitely more of my preferred choice. However, I’d heard such good things about the products that I was almost apprehensive to try them, worrying they wouldn’t live up to my expectations – trust me, they did!

I’m writing this post on the day my Lip Kits arrived, I ordered three shades; Mary Jo, Candy and Posie on 2nd February and 13 days later they arrived all the way from the United States. I was perfectly happy to wait and overall it really didn’t take that long for International Shipping, obviously if you’re in the United States they are likely to arrive within a few days.

The Lip Kits are packaged extremely well, they have their own separate packaging which is absolutely gorgeous, as well as the outer box they are placed in with foam protection. When you open the box there is a beautiful card with the Kylie Cosmetics Logo on the front and a lovely message from Kylie on the back, you can tell how passionate she is about the kits and it’s really sweet to see how hard she has worked to share them with all of her fans.

When I say these Lip Kits are like no other lipstick I’ve tried, I mean it! It truly is a unique formula and I definitely hope to buy more in the future – KoKo I’m coming for you! Not only do the packages match each shade of the Lip Kit, there is a piece of cardboard within the box which keeps the liquid lipstick and lip pencil separate from one another. The Lip Kit features Kylie’s lovely signature and they are the perfect size for keeping in your handbag or even carrying around with you. However, I doubt you’d really need to apply the Lip Kit as they stay on so well!

When trying the shades on I found it pretty difficult removing each one, which to me is a great thing as who doesn’t want their lipstick to last all day!? Firstly I applied the Lip Pencil, this is definitely the best pencil I’ve used before as it literally just glided on! I’ve had some in the past that can be so hard and very rough on your lips, but this was wonderful to apply. It’s such a great idea that you can purchase the lipstick and lip pencil that are exactly the same shade and they come together, nothings more frustrating when you have a great lipstick but not a lip pencil to match!

After I finished using the lip pencil I applied the liquid lipstick, I usually stay away from glosses as they can be so messy and sticky but this was completely different. I honestly couldn’t believe how quickly it transformed from a glossy lipgloss into a matte lipstick!  It doesn’t feel dry on my lips, it actually feels like I haven’t got anything on them and I’ve had it on for hours and eaten my lunch and it’s still there. I really can’t wait for Kylie to release more shades and add more cosmetics to her amazing brand.

Although they are currently sold out, follow @kyliecosmetics on Instagram and it will inform you when they are restocked, I really hope Kylie releases some coral and purple shades. Out of the three lipsticks I have I think Mary Jo would be my favourite – I do love my reds! Candy is a beautiful nude brown and Posie is a lovely medium pink, I’d love to try Dolce and True Brown but I don’t think I could pull them off sadly.

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