NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Milan.

As I’ve said many times, pink may be one of my absolute favourite colours and has been for many years, but it’s definitely not one of my go to shades of lipstick to wear. However, this post could shock you all, as I think I may have discovered the perfect pink that I actually… love to wear! Shocking, I know.

A few of you may be thinking, “I’m sure she’s wrote about quite a few pink shades of lipstick” and I’ll agree, to an extent. Although the shades I’ve wrote about have been mostly mauve shades, which although has a pink tint, is overall a different colour. However, this lipstick is definitely the colour in question and one I happen to adore and this post shall tell you why.

I’ve previously tried NYX’S Matte Lip Cream in the shade, “Ibizia” and wrote about this wonderful lipstick and brand in this post published last year. Therefore, when I happened to be browsing through their lipsticks a few weeks ago, (I was of course testing many shades on my hand, so much so that I practically created a rainbow) I came acrossMilan“. I’m surprised I actually picked it up as for the hundredth time, we all know that pink isn’t my must wear shade, although I do like a variety so, for whatever reason I swiped the lipstick on my hand. After trying out what seemed like hundreds of lipsticks on my hand, I was continuously drawn back to Milan and thankfully, I ended up buying it.

At just £5.50, the Soft Matte Lip Cream’s are a pretty great price, although if I could change one thing I do wish the product was a slightly bigger size. However, overall it is definitely worth the money. There are so many different shades in this collection and I especially love how each lipstick is named after a City! Pretty cool huh? The lip wand is also perfect and this is actually the only lipstick I will apply without using my must have lip brush! I think the reason is because not too much product comes out onto the wand therefore making it a lot easier to use in creating the perfect pout.

The soft matte cream formula is slightly different to a liquid lipstick, it dries very quickly but as described, it applies as a cream formula – not liquid. A positive to this is it’s definitely less messy if you happen to sometimes make a bit of a mess like myself. I would say that a applying a few coats of this product is a good idea as it’s not as long lasting as some others. However, for the price it is amazing quality and pretty pigmented.

I absolutely love the smell of the NYX Lip Cream, it’s not too strong and is a beautiful vanilla like scent. Plus, once fully applied it doesn’t even really feel like you have any product on your lips, which is a super bonus as we all know how uncomfortable sticky, flaky lipsticks can be. The packaging is pretty similar but very pretty and as someone who is a huge fan of the added details, I really appreciate the NYX Logo with the little heart. I also think it’s a wonderful idea how each product is the colour of the shade you purchase.

Therefore, as you can tell – this is without doubt my favourite pink lipstick I own, I think it’s due to the unique cool tone shade that NYX have created. I can’t think of another one like it and it’s definitely not easy coming up with variations when there are so many amazing colours out there. It’s not a baby pink or hot pink, it’s truly unique!

Have you got any NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams and if so, which is your favourite?

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MAC Caitlyn Jenner Finally Free Lipstick.

As someone who’s always been a huge fan of Caitlyn Jenner since sharing her transition with the world over a year ago, I was absolutely thrilled when I heard she would be collaborating with MAC and releasing her own lipstick. Not only did I love the shade, but when I read that the proceeds would benefit the Transgender Community I knew that I had to buy one and support such an important cause. As a huge supporter of LGBT Awareness, this is something very close to my heart and anything I can do to share my support and love I will.

Caitlyn’s lipstick is beautifully named, Finally Free and in the description it simply says the product, “champions All Ages, All Races and All Sexes.” I personally don’t think it could be anymore beautifully put. The colour is described as a lovely midtone rosey nude in a cremesheen finish and I can honestly say it’s truly a unique shade. I can’t think of any other shades that  I have which are similar, therefore making it even more special.

The only thing I was slightly disappointed with was the packaging. Often when celebrities collaborate with MAC their products are specially packaged, example being Dita Von Teese’s red lipstick I previously reviewed. Therefore, when I  saw that it was the standard MAC packaging, I couldn’t help but feel like there should have been more attention paid to this.  At £15.50, the lipstick is in the mid-range price but if you’ve purchased from MAC before you’ll know this is their standard charge with lipsticks and they are a wonderful quality product.

Furthermore, if you want to purchase your own lipstick, don’t expect to find it in any MAC Stores as it is available exclusively online only. I’ve noticed MAC tend to do this with quite  a lot of their celebrity lipsticks so make sure you buy asap as who knows how long it will be available for. I’m pretty sure it’s fairly limited and once it’s out of stock, it’s out of stock for good.

I found that as I was applying it with a lip brush, it took a while for the colour to become as noticeable, so I used the lipstick itself for an extra coat, before shaping and defining my lips. I also feel that this finish tends not to last as long as the matte lipsticks due to its glossy texture, which isn’t a bad thing as long as you keep your lipstick with you to reapply. The shade looks a bit darker and slightly less rosey on my skin compared to the photo of the lipstick on the website, but I’ve noticed that shades can vary depending on the persons skin tone. However, overall I love the lipstick and I’m definitely glad I purchased it. 

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Sophia Loren No. 1 Lipstick.

Yesterday I celebrated my 22nd (!) birthday and one of the gifts I hoped to receive the most was the new Sophia Loren Lipstick for Dolce and Gabbana. As soon as I found out that Sophia was collaborating with D & G to make her own signature lipstick I literally gasped with joy!

I absolutely adore Sophia, she is 81 years old and still just as beautiful inside and out, she is one of the last living Stars from the Golden Age Of Hollywood, which makes her even more important to me. After successfully writing to Brigitte Bardot last year, I decided to write to Sophia and within two weeks – she had replied with my three photos, signed! What’s even more adorable is she kept my letter and photo of myself, so somewhere in Sophia Loren’s house there is a letter and photo of me, yay!

I soon found out that the Lipstick was being sold in the UK only at Harrods and being a good few hours away from London it would be virtually impossible to buy. However, thankfully for technology, I checked Harrods website and it was there! I showed my mum the website and kept my fingers crossed that it would appear on my birthday and as luck would have it – it did!

The lipstick is £31, so in the high price range, but the quality is wonderful and a must for any lover of Old Hollywood or Sophia! This is also my first D & G Lipstick and I would definitely buy from them again as the Lipstick is full of moisture and applies so smoothly. The case is a beautiful gold colour featuring Sophia’s Signature – simply elegant and The package matches the Lipstick and is so beautiful I’m going to keep it. What I love about high quality products is the attention to detail, Dolce and Gabbana have even printed their signature initials into the Lipstick. I also found that Max Factor’s Color Elixr Lip Liner in 04 Pink Princess works wonderfully as a base.

What I love most about it, apart from it being all about Sophia of course, is the colour! On the website it is describes as a Bright Cherry Red, but I honestly can’t decide myself what colour I think it is, it really is unique! It’s not like any of my other Lipsticks and that’s what I love as I often end up buying a Lipstick which turns out to be very similar to a previous one I’ve purchased. It’s almost a mixture of red, pink and brown, perfect for a statement look in the evening or even brightening up a casual day outfit.

I can only hope that Sophia will bring out another Lipstick, this is definitely my current favourite and I’m sure I’ll be wearing it for a long time!

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