Beauty Buys.

At long last I’ve finally tried out my recent make up purchases and this post will be all about me reviewing each one. I decided to write about these products all in one blog due to it primarily being face and eye make up, so I could wear it all at once unlike lipstick.

I picked up these products at long last a few weeks ago, after having them on my make up wish list for quite a while. I purchased, The Blushed Nudes by Maybelline, Super Liner Perfect Slim by Loreal, Collection Speedy Highlighter and Rose Boudoir Nude Smoky Eye Shadow by Bourjois.

After using The Nudes by Maybelline prolifically for the past few months, I was filled with excitement when I heard about the new Blushed Nudes Palette being released. It’s a complete contrast to the previous eye shadow collection and full of romantic colours filled with glitter and perfect shades for the summer. I decided to try and create a warm 1950s shimmery pink look by picking the vibrant pink shade on the bottom right and the peach gold shade on the top right. The great thing with these palettes is that there are instruction guides pictured on the back to give you an idea of which shades work best together. However, I decided I’d just try and used my imagination and go with my instinct, which doesn’t always turn out great but I think this time it went pretty well overall. After testing the palette out I think I actually enjoy these shades more than the previous nude collection and can’t wait to create more styles!

I’ve definitely been inspired to try certain make up products after watching YouTuber Vloggers talk about some of their favourite buys. Therefore, after viewing Zoella’s Favourite Drugstore & High Street Make Up Products video, I knew I had to try her favourite go to eye liner – Super Liner Perfect Slim by Loreal. What impressed me most about this product was how thin the felt tip was, as someone who likes to build up their liner, it is a lot less intimidating when the pen is slim and not chunky. The colour is an intense black and didn’t start to run out when forming each wing, it also doesn’t fade or need reapplying and lasts all day. Ultimately, all I can say is – thank you Zoella!

Speaking of Youtubers, as you all probably know by now I have an absolute favourite and her name is Em aka MyPaleSkinBlog. One of the great things about her is she uses all different kinds of products, from super expensive to very affordable and is always honest and open about her reviews. I saw her recommend the Collection Speedy Highlighter and with highlighting taking over the make up world I thought I’d give it a try. At only £3.99 it was definitely worth the money, although it isn’t very noticeable in these photos, I could notice it on my cheeks during the day. I felt I had to use a fair amount, but that wasn’t a problem as it’s extremely easy  to use – you just roll and then blend in. I’ve only tried it over my blusher, so I do wonder if it will look more intense on it’s own?  All I know is practice is key, but for a first time highlighter it’s pretty good!

 Last but not least, I picked up this beautiful Glittery Gold Bourjois Compact during my Holiday in Spain a month or so ago. I love contrasting my super intense winged eyeliner with a subtle calming eye shadow, I definitely follow Marilyn’s make up wisdom there! I actually tried all three colours today, blending the darkest shadow in the crease and I think they are absolutely beautiful. As you can see from this picture with my make up today, the highlighter is a lot more noticeable, but sadly the eye shadow can’t be seen very well so you’ll have to trust my judgement.

Overall I’m very pleased with my make up purchases and I look forward to continue sharing with you my thoughts and reviews! If you’ve tried any of these or similar products before, let me know what you think!

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Eyeshadow Love.

Although my favourite Make Up Must Have is of course, a Lipstick, lately I’ve been getting a lot more interested in Eye Shadow! I’ve always been inspired by Marilyn’s Eye Make Up, with the main focus being the Eye Lashes and Eye Liner. She mostly wore a natural white base on her eyelids with a slight dark shadow between the crease, that I usually leave out. However, I’ve decided to branch out with colours and mix and match with Eye Shadow as much as I do with Lipstick!

As well as wearing a white eyeshadow base, I also  wear nude and gold shades and therefore, as soon as I saw the new Maybelline Nudes Eye Shadow Pallet, I knew that I had to try it! I love Maybelline, I’ve worn their make up for years and I especially love their Mascaras. Before this, I’ve only actually had one Eye Shadow Pallet, I usually buy just the one colour, so I’m by no means an expert. Therefore, I can’t tell you how happy I was to see instructions on how to match each colour and where to apply it on the back of the compact!

The instructions give you three ways to wear the shades; Quads, Trios and Duos. I wanted to try as many shades as I could so naturally, I chose to follow the Quad Instructions. I picked the middle four shades to use, mainly because I didn’t want it to be too dramatic and I’m more used to using golds and lighter nudes, I have yet to master a Smokey Eye! For the Quads, the lightest colour is used to cover the entire eye area, the sparkly gold is used to shade the eyelid, the chocolate shade is used to contour the crease and the darkest shade is used to line around the eye.

Overall, I found the Eye Shadow fairly simple to apply, I used my Eye Shadow Brush and made sure to blend each of the shades subtly together. I found the crease contouring and lining around the eye the hardest, simply because it was the smallest space to apply. However, as I always apply my Winged Eyeliner after my Eyeshadow, that covered the lining around my eye anyway.  I can’t wait to try the other colours and discover which shades suit me and dare to try shades I’m not used to!

The second Eye Shadow Pallet I bought was Revlon Photoready in 520 Watercolours Aquarelle. I think after watching Cleopatra (1963) I’ve subconsciously been inspired to try colourful Eyeshadows, after all, the eyes are just as important as the lips! I was browsing around and saw this compact, what I loved the most was the display of the colours as they are placed where the shades should be applied to on the eyes.

It was also helpful to have the instructions on the back once more, I guess all Eyeshadow Sets do this as it’s a very good idea for a novice like myself.  Firstly, I applied the lightest shade, the primer, all over my eyelid and right up to my brow bone. After that I added the main shade to the lid, then I applied the center shade on the crease and sweeped the top shade on the brow bone. Lastly, you can add the sparkle shade to complete the application, however I forgot to do that, silly me! After applying so much Eyeshadow, it’s definitely handy to brush over your face as so much falls down onto your cheeks.

To finish my look, I applied my new Maybelline Matte Lipstick in Siren In Scarlet. I’ve got many Maybelline Lipsticks and I think they’re wonderful, so I knew I would like this. I think Matte is my favourite finish on a Lipstick, I like the option of adding a gloss and I think Matte lasts the longest and applies the best. I always use Rimmel’s Match Perfection Foundation in Light Porcelain 010 and Rimmel have re released these  with a Pore Blurring Effect and a 24 Hour Moisture Hydration too!

I really can’t decide which Eye Shadow I prefer, although I wear Nude Shades more, I absolutely love the colourful shades and will hopefully try some more in the future! Which do you prefer?

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Pleasure Me Red.

Hi guys! I apologize for my lack of blogging lately, I’ve had a lot going on in my life, with my beautiful Grandad passing away on Sunday morning, which has absolutely devastated me as I’m sure you can all understand. I actually planned this post a couple of weeks ago but only now do I feel ready to try and be productive again.

A few weeks ago my lovely friend Laura came to stay with me and during her time here bought a gorgeous Red Lipstick called Pleasure Me Red by Maybelline. I have quite a few lipsticks from their range and after Laura kindly let me try it on, I knew that I had to add it to my ever growing collection.

What I love about this lipstick is it’s a 1950s Classic Red, which is perfect for all Vintage Lovers. There are so many shades of Red Lipstick but if you’re after a Bombshell Inspired look then a Blue Tone Red is perfect. It’s vibrant and glossy, but long lasting and I find the Lipstick to be so smooth when I apply it to my lips, although due to it’s texture it can be quite messy and harder to apply then Matte finishes. With this lipstick I like to roughly apply it, blot my lips with a tissue and then shape my lips with Max Factor Colour Elixir Lip Liner, then I blend it in together. 

The great thing about Maybelline’s Colour Sensational Lipsticks is not only are they rich and vibrant, but they are a bargain at only £6.99! Compared to other Make Up Brands this is a great deal and the quality is just as good as my other Lipstick Brands in my collection. 

The Lipstick Packaging is very classy too, what’s great about Maybelline Lipsticks is that each container in The Colour Sensational Range matches the colour of the actual Lipstick inside. It’s not only a great idea for presentation but it’s very handy when you’re looking for a certain colour!

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Look Of The Day.

Hi lovely people!

Now that my face is finally  back to normal I can start wearing make up again, so I thought I’d write my second beauty post! Yesterday, I went to town and bought a new eyeliner and a new lipstick, so they will be the focal points of this.

After my moisturizer disaster, I went back to using my Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Moisturizer, one I’ve used before. It’s really natural and drys pretty fast, which is good if you’re like myself and can’t stand the feel of it on your face for too long! As my skins been so dry since my allergic reaction, I’ve been using it twice a day – in the morning before I put my make up on and at night, after I’ve taken it off. I’d definitely recommend it if you have sensitive skin like me, plus it smells nice so that’s always a bonus.

After applying all of my face make up, it was time to start on my eyebrows. Now, I’m one of the few people who doesn’t like to do anything with them. I’ve been pretty lucky with the shape, but I have had a few comments about them being too light. I personally don’t mind that, there’s nothing worse when you see severely tattooed eyebrows and I definitely wouldn’t do that. Therefore, after watching the lovely
Rose and Rosie’s Eyebrow Video, I was inspired to try something similar! I used my Rimmel London Eyebrow Compact and went for the second lightest colour on the left.

I used the bottom brush and slowly brushed the eye shadow into my eyebrow, following the natural line. It literally took a few minutes if that and is a nice subtle difference, if you don’t like to much change.

Here's my natural eyebrows.
Here’s my natural eyebrows.
The left one is natural, the right one has the eyeshadow on.
The left one is natural, the right one has the eye shadow brushed in.
Here's both of them with eyeshadow.
Here’s both of my eyebrows with eye shadow.

So here’s the final results, I personally like it and although I probably won’t do it all of the time, I think it’s a nice easy way to make a subtle change. After all, less is more!

Next, I used my new Rimmel Scandal Eyes Thick & Thin Eyeliner, there were three different ones available. The first was a really thick felt pen, which I didn’t want as I like to be able to build it up. The second was similar to one I’ve had before, it was a thin felt tip, I was tempted to go for that but I decided to try a new one. The third was my choice, the tip is defined to shape the winged eyeliner. At first I found it pretty hard to use, anyone who wears winged eyeliner will know that it’s not an easy task, but I had to be even more careful because of the shape of the eyeliner.

The 3D precision slanted tip, which enables you to draw a thick or thin line.

Sometimes, I find it hard to fill the tip of the lid by my eyelashes, without messing up the rest of my winged eyeliner. To do this I use Rimmel Glam Eyes Liquid Liner, the brush is so thin and perfect to fill in the hard to reach places.

Another tip, when your felt eyeliner is running out, dip it in to the liquid one!
Another tip, when your felt eyeliner is running out, dip it in to the liquid one!

Here’s the finished result, first without mascara and then with.

Up close detail of the flick.
Up close detail of the flick.
With mascara and highlighter.

I used my Maybelline Mascara Mega Plush Very Black for volume and Maybelline Mascara Rocket Waterproof Very Black for separation. Lastly, I put Benefit  Eye Bright inside my inner eyelid, it gets rid of any access eyeliner and brightens up the eyes by contrasting the dark winged liner.

Lastly, I used my Bourjois Rouge Edition Aqua Laque Liquid Lipstick in 07. I saw it advertised in a magazine and decided to give it a try. I think Bourjois is a beautiful brand, but I haven’t really used it much for some reason. I’ve always been wary about buying one of the liquid lipsticks as I wasn’t sure how well they would last. Therefore, I used my MAC Pro Longwear  Lip Pencil in Dynamo first, to make it last better and to define my lips.

The brush is a  nice change from using lipstick, but it was quite messy to put on and I needed to use quite a few q-tips. Obviously, blotting lipstick is a must, but with this you absolutely can’t forget to as otherwise it gets on your teeth, which is not a good look. However, it can be frustrating as it removes the colour because it’s in liquid form. I do really like it and would probably get another colour, but overall I definitely prefer lipsticks.

The lipstick is a beautiful colour, I love pink and red tones, they remind me of the 1950s Vintage Stars and the liquid form does give it a nice 3D look.

Full make up look.
Full make up look.

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