Hi everyone!

Sorry for the lack of posts, I’ve been in North Wales since Monday and I only got back today, but I took quite a few photos and made sure I brought some Old Hollywood Style to Trearddur Bay.

My family and I decided to go on a little holiday and take my Grandad with us, he hasn’t been away since 2008 so he deserved a nice break! On my Dads side I have a lot of Welsh Roots, which I’m very proud of! Both my Nain and Taid (Welsh for Grandad and Grandma) had Welsh parents and were brought up speaking Welsh and going to a Welsh Church. My Grandad only lived in Wales until he was two years old, but he’s been back so many times and still speaks fluent Welsh as well as English to this day! 

We set off early on Monday morning, the car journey was only two hours long so it wasn’t too bad and I like to sleep on longish journeys anyways. When we arrived there I was shocked by how cold and windy it was, our bungalow was right next to the sea and perfectly named, “Pedwar Gwynt” which means Four Winds in English and it couldn’t have been more right! 

Four Winds.

I’ve been to Wales quite a few times, but I’ve not been to Anglesey before, at least not that I can remember. But, the first thing I noticed about it was how aesthetically pleasing this Country was! It was so beautiful, quaint and peaceful – minus the wind. As I live in a City, it was so refreshing to see so many beautiful animals, I even saw a wild rabbit! I’m a huge animal lover, so it definitely was heart warming to be in such a different climate.

The first day there we had a little look around, went out for a meal at a lovely restaurant called The Sea Croft, which was basically a couple of minutes away and planned the next few days. During the evening I took a few pictures of the sky, purely because it looked, pink! I’d never seen anything like it and thought it was absolutely beautiful. I tried to get a few pictures outside but it was so windy that I had to settle for the window.

The next day we drove to South Stack, it was even more windy on the Tuesday and as there are so many hills to drive up in Wales, the wind could not be tamed! The main attraction there is a beautiful Light House, which you walk down too and it’s right on the sea, however, it was incredibly cold and windy, so we just walked half way onto the cliff which looked down upon The Light House. I actually thought it had started to rain because the wind was so powerful, it was blowing the seawater onto the cliff!

The main mistake I made was not bringing a hair scrunchie! My hair was literally out of control, so much so that I couldn’t see when walking back up to the car park and had to hold onto my Dad for safety. I was highly amused when I got back into the car and looked at my appearance – here’s a before an after! 

When leaving South Stack, I saw an adorable Shetland Pony (!) but sadly I didn’t get the chance to take a picture, I still had to share with you how cute it was though.  We then decided to visit Holyhead and walk across the pedestrian path overlooking the sea, it was a beautiful afternoon.

Naturally, I love capturing photos of my Taid and me, so here’s  a couple of selfies I took during our stay. He’s so sweet putting up with my technology!

On our last full day we went to Newborough Warren National Nature Reserve, my Dad had known about this place for quite a while, so we decided it would be nice to visit. We stayed for about and hour and went as far as we could with my Grandad’s Wheelchair. The reserve trail was right next to the beach, I noticed that the sand was so fresh, I didn’t see any animals sadly, apart from other visitors dogs which was lovely. However, I saw the most beautiful tiny lilac flowers, I picked one and placed it in my braid, but sadly I lost it. 

Later on in the day we drove to Benllech, where my Grandad’s cousin and her daughter live. Sadly, my Grandad’s cousin has been in hospital for a week, she’s 90 years old and not in very good health. But it was still lovely for my Grandad to see Liz, she used to work in one of his Pharmacies when she was a student, so they go way back! We drove to a pub called The Ship Inn and had a meal there. I had Sticky Toffee Pudding, for the first time, shocking I know and I loved it, so I’ll definitely be having that sometime soon. Last year, a bunch of cats adopted one of Liz’s cars as a place to give birth, so she now has four cats, three of them are outside cats and the girl is an indoors cat. I have no idea how to spell her name as it’s Welsh, but it sounds like, “Mot Lan” and means Madam. I fell in love with her straight away! I’ve never seen a cat like her, she had such a thick fluffy tail. She reminded me of my beautiful Belle and I couldn’t wait to see her! Cats are my absolute favourite.

Such a beauty!

We got home pretty late at around half ten, it’s so strange being in the country as for most of the journeys I had no signal! It was pretty tough to  get used to being so obsessed with my phone, but a nice break.  Here’s a couple of photos of myself with my Dad and Grandad, I love them both so much.

During my time in Wales, I made sure to continue my Old Hollywood Inspired Style of course and here are a photos of my looks for each day. My favourite lipsticks of this week would be MAC’S Costa Chic, it’s very understated and has that Brigitte Bardot 1960s feel. My other favourite was Loreal’s Blake, it’s such a classic dark red and so 1950s.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I had such a lovely time in Wales and it will always have a special place in my heart. More importantly, my Grandad had a really nice time and after all he’s been through the last six months, if anyone deserves a good holiday, it’s him! 

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Hi lovely people!

Myself by my lovely friend Lena.

As this is my first post I thought a little introduction about myself would be a good start. So here’s what you might like to know about little me!

  • My url is only 50% my real name, you can probably guess where I got Monroe from, No? Well it’s from Marilyn of course.  She is the most beautiful person inside and out and has helped me a lot the past four years, which I’m sure I’ll talk about at some point. The S is just to make it a bit different..
  • I started blogging on Tumblr, which I still love almost four years on. You can find my blogs here; alwaysmarilynmonroe, meganmonroes and missveronicalakes.
  • My favourite film is, Gone With The Wind (1939) I adore the classics!
  • Marilyn Monroe is my favourite actress, I’ve seen all of her films numerous times, have a Tumblr and IG account on her (both alwaysmarilynmonroe) and have hundreds of (good) books about my girl. It would be an understatement to say I love her, as she means so much more to me than that.
  • I’m only around five foot two inches.
  • I’ve suffered with various mental illnesses including; Depression, Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
  • I love to read, especially biographies on my favourite stars.
  • I adore animals, I have two dogs and one cat.
  • I’m a Scorpio – I don’t really follow Astrology signs but I think it’s something fun to share!
  • I love Instagram, I have three accounts on there; meganmonroes, alwaysmarilynmonroe, and alwaysbrigittebardot.
  • I’ve always wanted to share my birthday with a celebrity I love and I found out recently I share mine with Emilia Clarke aka Daenerys Targaryen!
  • Although my heart belongs to the bygone era, I do have some modern loves too which include; Friends, Modern Family, Game Of Thrones, The Big Bang Theory, Breaking Bad, House Of Cards, Lana Del Rey, Margot Robbie, Michelle Williams, Harrison Ford and Leonardo Dicaprio.
  • I’m a Twin.
  • I love weak Tea.
  • I am a huge lover of lipstick, red is a must.
  • Although I can’t speak another language, I do love Foreign Films and hope to learn some day.
  • My favourite females from Old Hollywood include; Marilyn Monroe, Veronica Lake, Sharon Tate, Brigitte Bardot, Vivien Leigh, Rita Hayworth, Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Anita Ekberg, Jayne Mansfield, Diana Dors, Elizabeth Taylor and Sophia Loren.
  • My favourite males from Old Hollywood include; Clark Gable, Marlon Brando, Gregory Peck, Robert Mitchum, Marlon Brando, James Stewart, Fred Astaire, Montgomery Clift and Cary Grant.
  • Billy Wilder and Alfred Hitchcock are my favourite Directors.
  • I hate conspiracies, they are just unnecessary.
  • My favourite music is from the 1960s, The Beatles, Sam Cooke, The Platters are some close to my heart.
  • I try and be as honest and understanding as I can.
  • I adore Disney, you’re never too old for it.
  • I always cut clippings from magazines.
  • Floral fifties style dresses are my favourite.
  • Although I think they’re beautiful, I don’t have many pairs of shoes. I hate having to get my feet used to them, I’m all about comfort and when the occasion calls for it my go to heels.
  • Hair accessories are my thing, a flower or a bow always brightens you up and gives you a Pin Up Girl style.
  • I’m a 90s Kid!
  • I have a youtube channel which I use every now and then, meganmonroes.
  • Pizza is my favourite food!
  • Chanel No.5 is my signature scent.

That’s all I can think of for now, I hope I didn’t bore you and you’ve learnt a bit about me! Until next time!