ARTDECO Cosmetics.

I’ve said it before and I’m pretty sure I will continue to say it, I absolutely love discovering and trying new Makeup Brands. Therefore, I was thrilled to find and email in my inbox from, ARTDECO Cosmetics, offering to send me some products from their new Bronzing Collection for Summer to review! Needless to say, I very enthusiastically accepted and was overjoyed when my package arrived.

Inside the box was the following beauty products, Sun Blusher, Golden Bronze Oil Drops and Hello Sunshine Colour Lip Shine in 10 – Shiny Apricot. These items are all from the, Hello Sunshine Collection, so if there’s anytime or Season to be wearing them – it’s now! 

When I first saw the Sun Blusher I couldn’t believe how simply stunning the packaging was, I mean with the Brand being called ARTDECO, it’s safe to say I had pretty high hopes – but I was absolutely blown away! This is without doubt the prettiest blusher I own and when opened it definitely does not disappoint. In fact, straight away it reminded me of Benefit’s new GALifornia Blush, but double the size! As someone who 99% of the time wears pink blushers, I’ll admit, I was slightly apprehensive about how this beauty would look on me, but I was pleasantly surprised! When applied, the product gave me a lovely warm glow and was very pigmented, but thankfully not too overpowering for my fair skin.

Ultimately, I feel the Sun Blusher can be worn in a variety of ways, it’s all about what look you want to create and the three shades in the compact can create a lot of variety. Sadly, I can’t find this product on ARTDECO Supplier, Beauty Bay, but there are multiple Blushes to choose from, so don’t be disappointed! Prices for this product range from £9 to £29.50, so are definitely in the mid to higher end budget but, the packaging and more importantly, quality is great.

My next beauty product from ARTDECO was the Gold Bronze Oil Beauty Drops and as a highlighter lover, I was extremely excited to try this. Once again, being a very pale girl I was a bit apprehensive about the shade working with my skin, however, this amazing Brand proved me wrong, again! The product creates a beautiful shimmer glow and even has fine glitter particles infused into the product, which gleam in the sunshine. Furthermore, although I’ve not tried this yet, the Oil Drops can even be applied to the ends of your hair to create golden accents – how cool is that?! This product doesn’t feel sticky or greasy on the skin and dries very quickly, it’s very buildable, so if you want a subtle glow then that is achievable and if you want to be a glowing goddess, that’s easily done also! Plus, the product smells like coconut, what could be better?! Sadly, I can’t find the drops on Beauty Bay either, but I’m sure they  will be available at some point!

The final gifted product I received was the Hello Sunshine Colour Lip Shine in 10 – Shiny Apricot, a peachy, warm, nude colour. Although I’m incredibly grateful for ARTDECO gifting me these beautiful items, as most of you know, this shade is not usually one I would choose for myself. Personally, I much prefer a bolder lip and don’t really follow the nude lipstick hype, which I can only assume was definitely inspired by The Kardashians. As beautiful as these shades look on Kim, Khloé and Kourtney, they really aren’t my cup of tea, I just feel they wash me out. However, I must say, after using the lipstick a few times, it has started to grow on me! The product is very pigmented but the finish is just too glossy for my liking.

However, lipstick finish aside, I can’t fault the product, it is very creamy and worthy of the name, Lip Shine, the shade just isn’t for me personally. At £16.95 on Beauty Bay, I do feel that the product is slightly overpriced, as it definitely doesn’t last all day, but the formula is a creamy gloss texture, which is most probably why. Therefore, if you’re after a glossy, everyday lip then this is definitely for you, just make sure you keep it in your handbag.

Overall, I am extremely impressed with ARTDECO Cosmetics and I’m very honoured that I had pleasure of being contacted by them in the first place, with a special thank you to Emma for doing so! They have so many amazing and beautiful products and I hope to one day expand my ARTDECO Collection! 

Please note, I pride myself in making sure I write honest reviews and although I was fortunate enough to be gifted these items, I was not told to say any of the following statements I have made.

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MAC Give In Lipstick.

MAC lovers! In case you’re not aware, a new collection of lipsticks called Blue Nectar have recently been released online and in stores. I’ve been eagerly awaiting this launch for quite a few weeks now and to my surprise I stumbled across the new range in store last weekend.

There are twelve shades,  three of them being re-releases, (I think) and nine new colours. Before being able to swatch each lipstick I’d already decided I loved quite a few of them, my favourite being Intoxica – a classic red, what else? Therefore, this post is all the more surprising when I reveal I went for a completely new shade for me – Give in!

I sadly wasn’t as impressed with Intoxica when I swatched it, I don’t know why, it just didn’t seem to live up to my hopes, however I’ve not actually tried it on, so don’t let me influence you too much. Ultimately, I think I’ve just got way too many red lipsticks! But you can never have enough, right?

What’s shocking about me choosing Give In is pretty obvious, it’s not a classic 1950s vintage girl shade and it’s definitely not a colour I have in my lipstick collection!  Give In is described as a creamy natural pink and I’d agree with that, it’s definitely a lot more pale than my usual bold colours and clearly doesn’t stand out as much – not that that’s a bad thing of course. It’s without doubt a definite 1960s shade, so if you’re a fan of sixties make up then this is the colour for you. The finish is amplified, so creates an almost glossy texture which I’ve noticed doesn’t last as long as matte so a lip pencil with this shade would go a long way – I’ve yet to find the matching colour for it though!

I’ll be honest, when I first applied the lipstick, I really wasn’t sure if it suited me, I couldn’t decide if it was just too light  for me and I’m pretty sure I could hear my red lipsticks whispering to wear them instead. However, as soon as I’d fixed my hair and outfit I felt that actually, change can be a pretty good thing and maybe this was one of those moments. When I swatched all of the shades in the store this colour stood out to me for a reason, it was different and it wasn’t my go to lipstick. I always love experimenting with make up and trying different shades, daring to be different and remove any invisible barriers I create for myself

I’m always used to wearing a bold shade of lipstick, even when I wear a nude or coral colour it’s always fairly pigmented and this definitely wasn’t one of those. I automatically think of this shade suiting darker skin tones, eyes and hair to contrast and create a more stand out look, however, it was nice to realize it actually didn’t look too bad on myself. I have to remind myself that not all blondes wear red lipstick – nude shades are giving just as much competition!

I don’t know about the stores, but if you want to order this online then currently you’re out of luck. Not only is Give In sold out but five out of the twelve shades are temporarily, (I think) unavailable. As this clearly means they’re very popular, I’d hope they’d be back in stock asap, so don’t lose hope! What I love about this collection is there are so many unique shades, I can’t tell you how long I’ve wanted a lilac lipstick and there’s finally one available, well it’s sold out for now – but you get my point! 

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Lipstick Love.

Although I adore all aspects of Make Up, my absolute must have item would be Lipstick, I am absolutely obsessed! So as you can probably guess, this post will be all about my latest buys, you guessed it, Lipsticks!

Besides the eyes, I think the lips are an essential part of any make up and although I do love the vintage look, I like to mix it up every now and then! My other favourite shades to wear would be peachy corals and nudes.

So last week I ended up buying three new Lipsticks and one Lip Pencil, what can I say? I think I’m a bit out of control. However, two of my lipsticks ended up being free because of the wonder that is a Boots Saving Card.

Originally, I only intended to buy one Lipstick, well Lip Pencil and that was Soar from Mac. Ever since Kylie Jenner’s lips became a phenomenon everyone has been obsessed with what colour she wears and it just so happens that Soar is one of them. Naturally, because of this I was not expecting it to be in stock, however, I was in luck! The great thing about Mac Lip Pencil’s is that they’re so strong and stay put all day, you can even wear them without a lipstick! Therefore that’s what I’ve done today, The pencil is a dream to apply on your lips, it’s soft and has a matte finish, so you don’t need to apply again, it should last all day. Overall I love this colour, it’s a bold nudeish pink and something a bit different than a normal pink or nude, I’d definitely recommend! It’s my favourite MAC Lip Pencil that I have so far, I also really liked Whirl but I think I made the right choice.

While I was in MAC, I naturally decided to look at the other Lipsticks and came across one that I’ve had on my wishlist for quite a while, it’s called Please Me. As I’ve said before, although I love the colour pink, I don’t really like to wear it that often as I don’t think it suits me all that well. This shade however is not a strong bold pink, it’s subtle and a matte finish, my favourite finish for MAC Lipsticks. I was surprised that I liked it as much as I did, it’s almost like a nude pink and I just think it’s a lovely colour. Who knows, maybe it will inspire me to wear more pink?!

Lastly, I decided to check out Rimmel’s new Kate Moss Nude Collection. As I’ve said before, I think because of my love for the 1960s and stars such as Brigitte Bardot and Sharon Tate, I’ve really been enjoying Nude Lipsticks lately. When I was younger I used to wear one by MAC called Myth all of the time, however I then moved on to more bold shades such as reds. There were three shades and after trying all of the colours on my hand, I found that I liked colour 45 the most. When I first applied it I felt that it was way too understated for my liking, however, all it took was a few more layers and the shade really grew on me! It’s not a lipstick colour I have in my collection, but I’m definitely glad I have one now. I guess when I wear this shade I may apply heavier eye make up to contrast with my lips.

I’ve bought many Rimmel Kate Moss Lipsticks before and it just so happened that Boots were having a Buy One Get One Half Price offer! I looked at there other colours and came across her Lasting Finish Collection, straight away a red lipstick caught my eye, number 110. As you can probably guess, I have a lot of red lipsticks, however you’d be surprised how many different shades you can get in red! I really love this colour as it’s not too bold like many of my other lipsticks, it’s a warm tone and a nice change from the cold classic shades I usually go for.

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