The Magical Mystery Tour.

Without a doubt, The Beatles are one of my favourite bands of all time, it may be a cliché I know, but how can you not adore them? They truly revolutionized music and are incredibly important in Music History. Therefore, it’s quite embarrassing to say that in all of  my 22 years in Liverpool, I’ve not once gone on The Magical Mystery Tour Bus! However, on Wednesday 25th of November that was all about to change!

My wonderful Cousin Liz was coming to stay from Wales and as another lover of The Beatles, really wanted to go on the tour. Arriving at the Bus, it was so nice to see such a mix of age groups there, it just goes to show how influential The Beatles are and made me very proud of my city. The Tour Guide was absolutely wonderful, it turned out he was the brother of the lead singer from Frankie Goes To Hollywood, I was very impressed!

During the two hour tour I learnt so much about The Beatles, it was great to have a Tour Guide that was genuinely interested in their subject. He was born and bread in Liverpool too and actually told us that he went to the same schools that John Lennon attended! Not only did we get to see a lot of special places, some that I’m very fortunate to say I have already seen, we got to stop off and take photos.

The four places we stopped at for photo opportunities were; George Harrison’s house, Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields and Paul McCartney’s house.

I’d never visited George or Paul’s houses before so I was most excited for that experiences and the photo opportunities. I was so surprised to see that George’s road was Unadopted, meaning that the city does not look after it’s upkeep. The house itself has been owned by the same woman for the last fifty years and luckily she was very accommodating to us all.

As for Paul’s house it’s owned by The National Trust like John Lennon’s so it’s not lived in. It was so surreal to see and almost hard to comprehend that the world’s most famous group grew up here. As both houses are owned by The National Trust, I think you can attend a separate tour and visit the inside of them too, something I’d definitely like to do in the future!

Throughout the tour, as well as hearing wonderful anecdotes, the bus was filled with music from The Fab Four and it was nice to hear a variety of songs too, not just the classics. It created such a lovely atmosphere on the bus and I’m happy to say I wasn’t the only one singing along!

I definitely recommend this wonderful experience to everyone, even if (for some absurd reason) you’re not much a fan of The Beatles, its such a fascinating day and you’ll come back with a lot of knowledge!

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