MAC Dita Von Teese Lipstick.

If I had to choose a favourite Make Up Brand for Lipsticks and Lip Pencils, it would without a doubt be MAC. I’ve been using their lipsticks for years and I absolutely adore them. To be fair, the normal packaging isn’t the most glamorous  but, the quality of their lipsticks are absolutely wonderful and the sleek classic container is pretty iconic. All of their lipsticks have a variety of finishes; matte, satin, frost and amplified to name a few. Also, MAC often collaborate with celebrities and bring out beautiful collections such as MAC Viva Glam, which donate their proceeds to the MAC Aids Fund.

Therefore, I may have almost cried with joy when I saw on Dita Von Teese’s Instagram that she was collaborating with MAC to celebrate the release of her new beauty book; Your Beauty Mark. Dita is a huge fan of Old Hollywood like myself and so there was no doubt what shade her lipstick was going to be – red!

The lipstick is a blue tone red with a matte finish and Dita’s signature adorned onto the package as well as stamped onto the actual lipstick! It truly is a one of a kind and a classic red lipstick like no other! Furthermore, if you think the lipstick itself is beautiful – just wait until you see packaging! A stunning photo of Dita wearing the lipstick is imprinted onto the cover, unlike any of the other MAC lipstick packages which are usually sleek and simple. This is one case I intend to keep forever and ever!

Like all MAC lipsticks, the product goes on smooth and produces a lovely matte but vibrant finish, I didn’t even have to use a lip pencil before I applied it as it lasted for hours. Actually, as I’m writing this it’s still on now! Granted, it’s far from perfect as I’ve eaten a lot but, everyone would realize I was wearing red lipstick!

Sadly, with all MAC products and especially special collections, they sell out – and fast! I’ve just checked the UK website and the lipstick is sold out on there. However, considering it’s been such a success I wouldn’t be surprised if they restocked in time for Christmas and I’m sure they will pop up on ebay, so fear not!

I recommend this to all lipstick lovers, anyone who wants to stand out and step out of their comfort zone and to all modern day vintage girls like myself! I really hope MAC continue to work with Dita, she is an absolute Beauty Icon!

As for my outfit today I decided to go for an oldie but goodie, a River Island dress I got off my mum for my 20th Birthday! I hadn’t worn it for quite a while, as you can probably guess – it’s not a day to day kind of dress. But I love the velour material, it almost looks like the dress is metallic, I haven’t got any other clothes like it! My favourite thing about the dress is the wrap effect detail, it’s such a simple but beautiful touch!

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Mint Green.

Here is a long awaited outfit post, finally! I decided to wear an oldie but goodie, my Mint Green Tulip Fitted Dress which I bought from River Island a couple of years ago. I love the colour green and especially mint, it’s just perfect for the Summer and it’s definitely one of my favourite shades to wear.

I find the Tulip Style Dress to be really flattering and also comfy, they’re fitted around the bust and waist and form a tulip – hence the name, style skirt. The style is perfect for all vintage lovers and I would recommend it to anyone. The dress also has horizontal lined patterns that cover the dress, they are so subtle that they almost blend in and it just makes the dress slightly different, which I think is always a good thing.

I also love the Cap Sleeves, they’re the perfect length for Summer Weather, sometimes straps on dresses can make you feel too on display and not keep you warm enough. However, if you’re feeling cold it’s easy to wear a cardigan with as the sleeves are fitted so it wouldn’t affect how the cardigan fits.

I washed my hair last night, let it dry naturally and then pincurled it up and took it out this morning for some classic vintage curls. I also added a tropical pink and white flower, which I bought from Accessorize years ago. I love this hair clip but I find it hard to wear often as it doesn’t go with a lot of my clothes.

However, it was a rare occasion that I decided to wear a pink shade of lipstick, so I thought it would work perfectly. I wore Maybelline’s Color Sensational Intense Pink Lip Pencil in 140 with Max Factor’s Bewitching Coral in 827. The rest of my make up I kept pretty much the same, maybe some day I’ll experiment with different Eye Shadows as much as I do with Lipsticks!

I also decided to wear some accessories, which were not in my hair or ears! I do love wearing jewellery, it just seems that my go to choices are always earrings. My mum recently got back from Lisbon and bought me a beautiful friendship bracelet which is made from plaited rope and has beautiful flowers attached to it. It was so thoughtful of her and I absolutely love it!

I picked my favourite necklace, which my Grandad gave me for my 21st birthday. This belonged to my Nan and it is so unique and like something I’ve never seen before. I chose the darker stone side instead of the red stone side, as it goes best with my outfit today. It means a hell of a lot to me and I always like to wear it to boost my Grandad’s spirits.

Lastly, I added some green diamond style earrings which I bought once again from, you guessed it – Accessorize. They go perfectly with my mint green dress and are just beautiful.

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